keep on dreamin'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

up in the sky, clouds floating by this old brick house

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake

Henry David Thoreau

That's how I've been feeling. Lately. Awake in my dreams. So many things are clicking into place. I'm just goin' keep on dreamin' as big and as wide as I can. I believe it's best to never, ever put limits on your dreaming. I'm also feeling tremendously grateful for all that I have.

And yes I did survive Day 2 of First Aid, and yes it was a breeze (compared to Day 1) my partner in crime and familiar face, sweet kind Ray (and I) took turns wrappin' and slinging various pretend wounds, broken limbs and such. Next course on my list to acquire for my EA qualifications is Non-Violence Crisis Intervention which should be offered sometime in November.

Off to the soothing lands of bubbles, a very long walk with my best gal Missy D and then some mad Teak Toppin' it today.


  1. Such good rhythm you have gotten yourself into these days, and I am so glad for you. I forgot to comment on your dream with Jake and Emma Jane....what a precious gift....and I know it had to be SO VERY REAL in the moment...a wonderful surprise visit that couldn't possibly last long enough to satisfy the longing! But OH! the joy of it! I have had a couple of those with my dear Bo, now gone over 8 long years, and I weep still at the loss of him. I wish for a dream once again, just to hold him in my arms and kiss his little furry sweet black face!
    Willow is right: keep dreamin'!

  2. Did you have to do the dreaded Kiss of Life on the horrid half dummy with the almost-inflatable chest? Or don't they teach it that way that any more? (said she, giving her age must be 30 years since I did a first aid course!)

  3. OUi Madam - she had a clear plastic bag for lungs, a flat space on the back of her to ensure we would tip her head back just so to free her airway and yes I did apply several kisses. Wink.

    Plus lots of bandaging, wrapping and sling -ing.

  4. I'd never make it in the modern school system....a Full Nelson or a damn good TaiQuanDo drop kick would be my choice of intervention for some of the stuff I see going on around this city with teens.... . and my best defense so far has been a quick elbow to the solar plexus of a six footer to defend myself and a tiny frail old lady in danger of being pushed off the C-train platform... I'm just sayin'.... be ready for anything.....

  5. Why I think that cloud looks like....bacon!

  6. good for you and your dreams!

    land of bubbles sounds wonderful tonight but i think an early bed time will win out.

    (hugs)) to all of you!

  7. What beautiful clouds...enjoying the new larger picture version. Sweet dreams.
    ((hugs to you and the furry ones))

  8. I think these are the prettiest cloud photos I have seen.
    It sounds like you are working on achieving a dream.
    Best wishes to ya.


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