blogging about not blogging

Monday, January 18, 2016

red berries, fresh snow & blue skies // Samuel on the beach // the Dory Shop, Lunenburg, front harbour // back harbour walking trail with my guy // new at home studio space // bittersweet berries windowsill gardening // I live by the sea in Nova Scotia // red wooden buildings, Lunenburg front harbour // trailing tiny succulents, studio windowsill garden // Oliver (on our main staircase - we have a back staircase also that leads into the kitchen) - Creative Director at Susan Black Design // open Atlantic Ocean photo taken at Herman's Island // early morning hydrangea // another of my beautiful at home studio space //Samuel's holiday photo - a fundraiser on Lincoln Street put on by // yesterday morning 5 minutes from home // I love the woods - Back Harbour walking trail, also 5 minutes from our front door

try again.
fail again.
fail better.
Samuel Beckett

I have spent an incredible amount of time pondering the reasons why I stopped blogging and I've yet to come up with a crystal clear reason. I can so vividly remember the time, and for years and years, that blogging felt as necessary as breathing or at the very least as important as that first luxurious coffee in bed each morning (a lovely habit I have kept for my entire adult life). There was a time when I couldn't imagine that I wouldn't continue my blogging - documenting my life (my loves, the things that are important to me, my creative journey, the struggles and challenges that go along with being a creative entrepreneur as well as the day to day battle with anxiety and depression) in words and with photos, lots of photos. My blog was/is therapeutic ... it's kind of crucial habit and I miss it.

Not that it really matters "why" I stopped blogging but I wonder if perhaps it was because of a few new challenges in my life ... like moving away from 29 Black Street (my home for nearly 22 years) and starting a new life in a my new community of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, saying goodbye to my dear Winnie Dixon and Bleet (both nearing their 16th birthdays), and most recently the finality of actually selling 29 Black Street ... all those things, all those transitions plus  all the while having a creative business life that's become busier and busier all the time !!

I miss this place. I miss the practice and dedication of blogging in a regular fashion. I know it's not realistic for me to think that I'll ever blog with the daily enthusiasm of the past but I do hope to manage a weekly post here about life here in lovely Lunenburg and another weekly post over at my Susan Black Design blog about what's happening in my blossoming Creative Empire ;-)

I'm no longer on Facebook and have no plans to return there but I love Instagram and I do post a few photos with descriptions daily & you can follow me there here ;-)

Until next week ... much love from me & les Gang

hello 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

blue abstract No. 1 9x12 acrylic on watercolour paper

be easy. 
take your time. 
you are coming 
to yourself.

Hello 2016, hello beloved and sorely neglected blog space. I'd like to come home again if I could, please.

I'm not sure what that means exactly. I'm not at all sure how often I might post here or if I'll post words or photos or artwork or maybe all of those things - a mish mash. I just know I miss this space, I miss this record of my life and Hello 2016, I'd like to make the effort to come back again.