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Monday, January 18, 2016

red berries, fresh snow & blue skies // Samuel on the beach // the Dory Shop, Lunenburg, front harbour // back harbour walking trail with my guy // new at home studio space // bittersweet berries windowsill gardening // I live by the sea in Nova Scotia // red wooden buildings, Lunenburg front harbour // trailing tiny succulents, studio windowsill garden // Oliver (on our main staircase - we have a back staircase also that leads into the kitchen) - Creative Director at Susan Black Design // open Atlantic Ocean photo taken at Herman's Island // early morning hydrangea // another of my beautiful at home studio space //Samuel's holiday photo - a fundraiser on Lincoln Street put on by // yesterday morning 5 minutes from home // I love the woods - Back Harbour walking trail, also 5 minutes from our front door

try again.
fail again.
fail better.
Samuel Beckett

I have spent an incredible amount of time pondering the reasons why I stopped blogging and I've yet to come up with a crystal clear reason. I can so vividly remember the time, and for years and years, that blogging felt as necessary as breathing or at the very least as important as that first luxurious coffee in bed each morning (a lovely habit I have kept for my entire adult life). There was a time when I couldn't imagine that I wouldn't continue my blogging - documenting my life (my loves, the things that are important to me, my creative journey, the struggles and challenges that go along with being a creative entrepreneur as well as the day to day battle with anxiety and depression) in words and with photos, lots of photos. My blog was/is therapeutic ... it's kind of crucial habit and I miss it.

Not that it really matters "why" I stopped blogging but I wonder if perhaps it was because of a few new challenges in my life ... like moving away from 29 Black Street (my home for nearly 22 years) and starting a new life in a my new community of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, saying goodbye to my dear Winnie Dixon and Bleet (both nearing their 16th birthdays), and most recently the finality of actually selling 29 Black Street ... all those things, all those transitions plus  all the while having a creative business life that's become busier and busier all the time !!

I miss this place. I miss the practice and dedication of blogging in a regular fashion. I know it's not realistic for me to think that I'll ever blog with the daily enthusiasm of the past but I do hope to manage a weekly post here about life here in lovely Lunenburg and another weekly post over at my Susan Black Design blog about what's happening in my blossoming Creative Empire ;-)

I'm no longer on Facebook and have no plans to return there but I love Instagram and I do post a few photos with descriptions daily & you can follow me there here ;-)

Until next week ... much love from me & les Gang


  1. you and your gang have been missed.

  2. You've been missed. welcome back!

  3. I have wondered many days where you have gotten to.....I miss you but know that you are doing what you need to do for you...I don't remember knowing about Bleet (RIP sweet one!) heart aches anew with this news....once again reminded that the only thing constant is change. I went back through that blog post with all(some)of Winnie's pictures and rememberings and grew teary-eyed at her sweet face. I know she waits for you with your beloved Jake, at the day to be re-united. I am sure that bidding that last farewell to 29 Black Street was bittersweet, having been "home" for so very long. But you have begun a new life in a new town and it is full of possibilities and joys to be experienced. I am happy for you. I hope that the awful darkness, doubt & anxiety come less often and stay for shorter periods. You remain one of the most talented artists I have had the immense blessing to come across and I don't want to lose you. I will welcome any post, at any time. I am keeping you in my prayers as you move forward. I pray it is an easy journey my friend.

  4. Blogging ebbs and flows just like life ... follow your heart my dear.

  5. It is so lovely to see you here dear Susan, I have missed your words and images so much. I hope you have your own place in Lunenburg now and can settle in comfortably after the challenges of moving from your former home, leaving behind many memories that would be so dear to you. I hope that 2016 will be a great year for you both personally and artistically, a haven for all of you. Beautiful photos dear Susan, Oliver looks happy and also Sam. I miss my God cat Itty Bitty Betty, I hope she is well, also Gussie Gus?
    Love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. I love what Vickie wrote above. And yes you are one of the most talented artists out there in blog land.

    It's funny actually that you would muse on blogging now. I jsut did that too (! And as I stated there at the end, I think perhaps blogging is making a tiny resurgence as people like you, like me, who had rather abandoned real "writing" on their blogs are starting to miss it and come back to the fold, as it were.

    You blog was the first artist blog I ever followed and one of the very first bloggers I ever followed, probably 2nd in fact! That long ago. I know you real reflections and beautiful photos, let aloen your gorgeous art, has inspired me many times as did even your lonely, sadder posts, mirroring my own loneliness and such. I found a kindred spirit in many of your musings.

    both of us have had so many changes and new loves, places etc. So, it's great to see you blogging again, even if only weekly. That is rather my goal too. In fact, Alexandra, as you likely know, has always wanted to write more and with it, encouraged me to do so too.

    Anyway, all that to say, welcome home! Like Vickie, I will enjoy your posts whenever they appear in my blogroll (As did this just now). I wonder if you will keep this blog address or have it redirected to a new blog address since black street is now sold (lucky new owners!).

    Wishing you a fruitful happy new year to you and yours, dear Susan. Lovely photos, as always. I so love your new home too. The interior shots are superb.

  7. Thank you all for commenting, and such lovely sweet words indeed ! Reading them I realized that I forgot to mention you all, when pondering all the things I've missed about blogging. I've missed these connections, missed true friends that I've met from all over the world, most of whom I'll never meet in person (exception Miss Sybil who now lives in my 'hood, or more correctly I live in hers ;-). And most of you blog friends go way, way ... w-a-y back to the very early years of my blog and I so appreciate that you're still here ! Vicki H your comment made me cry, Michael it's so true our stories are like mirrors and I'm so thrilled for you and A and your big, wonderful happiness, Dianne I promise photos of your God cat and Doug's little Princee IBB soon (who is now, happily, an inside cat (phew such a relief as we thought she'd be clamouring to get outside) - yay !! Blue Heron & Kathy xoxoxo. Much love to all (+ the friends that left sweet notes on my Hello 2016 post, Susan & les Gang I do think we'll be seeing much more of each other in 2016 !

    ps. Sybil see you soon at our next S Club

    1. Aw, I am glad I went back and read this. Yes,those connections are so dear and more than one might realise. For example, I bet you did not know that recently Alexandra had her hair curled and I kept calling her Susan as I said, you now have Susan Black hair! :)

      Also, your photos have inspired me so much. Did you know that Lunenburg was the visual inspiration for my word for last year in 2014 ( Yes, so we miss you when you don't keep in touch here every now and then. You definitely feel like part of the bigger extended family out there. Every day too we see the lovely 29 house of love black street print Alex must have purchased before I knew her. I so love it.

  8. It is wonderful that you're back. And weekly is good ! The photos are a joy.

  9. Ditto on everyone's comments. I have truly missed you and I'm thrilled you are coming back!

    I love that photo of Mr. Oliver on the stairs. He is definitely putting on a pose for that shot! Of course, Samuel does a pretty good job of it too! You do have a beautiful studio space (I love those floors) and all your photos of Lunenburg are gorgeous!

    Wishing you All the Best in 2016!


  10. Sorry - realize that last comment made no sense. My computer is doing a number, and I thought I was replying to your first blog of the year. So, yes, I hope you blog more often. I completely understood when you felt the need to go in another direction, but am very happy if this again seems appropriate. Look forward to learning more of les gang and Lunenburg. Mary

  11. Well HELLO again my friend ....many tail wags + woofs!!

  12. I have been out of the loop, too, for no reason in particular. Of course as soon as I rejoin the loop, I check to see what you have been doing. There is a lot of beauty around you, Susan, and I'm glad you show it to us.


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