Saturday, December 31, 2011

the little ginger kitten Cyrus was a part of our life for exactly 21 days - I fell a little in love

Yesterday Cyrus, Lil' C, Luvah, Bucky ... went to his new fabulous home at the sister-in-law of our long time vet Dianne Stevens (she'll be his vet now too). He has 2 feline sisters (who I'm sure he's already attempting to terrorize in his oh-so-cute, tres brazen, kitten self, manner). I miss him a lot ... of course. From the moment I picked him up in my arms that Friday afternoon 3 weeks ago & he instantly nuzzled his funny little ginger face into my neck and began to purr like mad I knew I had to take him home. Something told me that this skinny lil orange guy needed my help. I'm feeling particularly proud of myself - both for finding him such a great new home so quickly without too much terrible disruption of les Gang (though my main man/cat Oliver caught a terrible case of URI from Bucky & has begun a 7 day course of penicillin), but for also being practical & realistic, for not taking on more than I want or more than we can afford.

Cyrus is a very lucky cat.

The shelter's here, there & everywhere are overflowing with abandoned, unwanted cats & kittens. Our local shelter is full to capacity & Cyrus was placed on a long waiting list just to make it into the shelter, where then he might have stayed for months & months before anyone adopted him. Not because he isn't sweet, a perfectly lovely, particularly handsome cat but because there are so many cats that don't have homes & hundreds of kittens born each month that will end up like him - prowling around some community, far too young to be out in the big world on their own, mewing as loud as possible at anyone who might look their way, saying ...

Pick me up please & take me home. Love me.

& I sure did
love him.
happy new home Lil' C

I'm so, so happy I took so many photos of his handsome ginger self - I will paint a portrait of him this year


Friday, December 30, 2011

one of three cover design submissions* I did for the magazine underwire (out of Texas)

the theme for this particular months issue was the No.4 - someone found this version on my portfolio blog & pinned me. Having a second look at this illustration makes me smile and makes me feel proud ... a little of that Wow... I did that feeling, which is always surprising & fantastic.

Lil' C's off to the vet this morning for a health check-up & possibly off to his new fab home ;-(

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* none of my submissions were chosen & sadly they don't update their website so I have no idea what the cover that was picked looks like ??


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a palette of greyish blueish greenish, ruddy browns, mustard & cool blue white - this morning

big, huge 4 day 40% off sale*
on every ! thing ! in my etsy shop !! ya huh !!
we're clearing out the old & making way for the NEW (sung by that chorus of angels)

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great type

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

book* cover design by gray318 - file under - sigh, I sure wish I designed this

I'm trying to get caught up with a zillion, billion (well maybe 8 or 9) little things ... little things that have been hanging around my must-do list for far too long. All the while being nurse maid & great protector to one small, at times psycho, ginger kitten. Oliver's caught the nasty yet tres common upper respiratory virus from Cyrus & is madly sneezing and can't open one eye for the constant stream of watery tears, Samuel continually gazes at Cyrus, head cocked, asking himself (we're quite sure) Can I EAT that !?! & Winnie snarls her most ferocious mad, monster dog snarl if the C kitten steps within Miss D's 5 foot radial kitten free zone - giving me a near heart attack every single time it happens. Bleet is still plain shocked, appalled & intimidated (of course). Virgil is in hiding, killing stray voles, in the basement & hanging out with Mr. I Rebuild Honda motors in his underground man shop. Sigh ... I'm trying to work & not having an easy time of it.

big, big (slightly put upon) sigh

Our kitten status is officially fostering (oops Rachel just fell off her chair with gales of hysterical laughter) not adopters of Cyrus - we are serious !! foot stamping + furrowing of brows

And am happily (kind of) gearing up for my favourite time - les brand new year.

* just started this book last night ahead of the just released Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock movie version

the death of madam O

Monday, December 26, 2011

15 photos taken with Miss New Canon without any reading of 241 page thrilling manual

Madam Olympus finally gave up the ghost a few days ago, she refused to upload to iphoto, those images (thankfully few) forever trapped on a now archaic & defunct 56MB memory card. Miss Canon's memory is 4GB. Madam Olympus would take near 100 photos before she was full up - new Miss New Canon will happily take 1400 ... uh huh 1400. But alas I was so sad when I knew the old (just past her 10th birthday) camera began to show signs of certain death. How could I ever love another like I like loved Madam O. Madam Olympus Camedia C5050 who gradually & dependably taught me to adore taking photos again, she who was built like a tank, with an extra long over the shoulder strap & went absolutely everywhere with us. With Emma & Jake in the long ago days of my 3 dog life.

I'm already falling a little in love with Miss New Canon & I've yet to crack her manual so have no idea of all the things that she's capable of but I'm pretty sure she's a little gem. Compact, quiet, loaded with capabilities much like an SLR in every way except the interchanging of lenses ( ya know, I kinda hate to admit it but I'm really not a change the lens kinda gal). I need a camera that's easy but a camera that does a lot + gives me many manual choices. Hooray + a big phew

The high lites of Christmas Day - the best breakfast I've ever had - made with love by Nana, sweet Bee & her crazy wild tree, my other family, making chowder, dipping marshmallows, laughing at the antics of plucky lil' Cyrus, snowy white cold & crunching footprints, twinkling lights & Mildred Pierce (parts 3 & 4 of 6) watched snug & cozy by the fire.

No.14 a peek at our living room reno & my newly framed (by the Prince of course) map of Paris from 17 - something, Cyrus, fire wood and the most handsome, window posing, cat we know.

Just heard on Q's top music of 2011 - elbow - build a rocket boy

a lil' mojo

Saturday, December 24, 2011

some scenes from the week before Christmas in our tiny village on the sea

Our strength grows out of our weakness

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I recently lost my girlfriend Mojo ... and I really didn't think she was coming back. I always think that - that this will be the time ... she's finally gone for good. I can't explain it.

We've had a little snow, a little happiness, a little chocolate (that's a lie - a lot of chocolate), a little work stint at the bustling village post office, I made home made marshmallows & decorated them with my best 6 year old friend Bee, Cyrus (the mad ginger kitten) has left the confines of my office (good luck lil' kitten out there in the hallow halls of 29 Black Street & beware of large hairy beasts) giving me back some much needed peace, order & my lil' Empire. I bought a tiny tree that I absolutely adore (our only nod to Christmas), I made souped up chex mix and then watched A Christmas Story (while eating Chex mix) snug in the chocolate brown room with my sweetie and an assorted pile of fur sweetness. I had lunch out yesterday with someone I love who loves me back, someone who always makes me feel good. The Prince & I renewed our vows ;-) again & today I'll make another batch of marshmallows, a big batch of dog cookies and chowder for tomorrow's low key holiday dinner. Tomorrow morning after a long walk with my gal Missy D I'll have a Christmas morning brunch with Bee (& her family) then home to read my current book, drink peppermint tea & eat marshmallow bon bons all day. Heaven.

Bonjour Mojo ... come on in, why dontcha stay awhile ??

I do love my blog I don't want to take a break from it.

The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles
than in growing with them.

Bernard M. Baruch