grey, grey

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

from this morning's drizzly walk with my best girl Missy D

grey, grey, damp & mild


  1. A crow walks on your roof. There's got to be an old wives' tale in there somewhere.

  2. Same weather here, I think Susan and I almost always have the same weather. My antidote to rainy days is hot sweet tea with milk. I think Rachel would approve. A good day for a stew.

  3. Hi John-I'm off to make a cuppa now

    & when a crow walks on your roof ...
    you snarl at the next human you see.

    and keep on snarling

    bitchy continues ;-)

  4. cranky is the perfect word. ggrrrrr

  5. ruh-roh. Ear worm. Remember that song that has the line "gray, gray, my skies are gray"? Yeah. Now I'll be singin' it all day.

  6. When a crow walks on your roof you have to turn round three times, smiling, then run home and make a large cup of tea (no sugar, John and only a tiny amount of milk, thank you!), and put your feet up with a good book. Didn't you know that? Sheesh.....

  7. crow is good medicine. the portent of change. hang in there - good things come. hey - its like a "saying" or something.

    I look at the seed packets you decorated and im walking on sunshine. dreaming of may.

  8. Lovely reflections. You can always find colour if you look! Great shots!


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