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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

last photo, taken last night, another stunning sunset with lavender & pink & shimmering water

It's tres grey, unseasonably mild (hooray!) with rain - the forecast for the next few days.
Suits me just fine. I left my bubble yesterday ...

& in hindsight I think the anticipation of leaving my own lil world was cause for much of the bitchy, overwhelmed & yucky feelings of Monday. The Prince & I both had medical appointments in the nearby larger town, which meant also stopping for a big shop at the super super store (usually a treat for me) & a quick dip into Walmart (I'll say no more). I arrived at my appointment at the hospital an hour early (whilst the Prince went off to the other side of town with plans to pick me up after his appointment) & they took me right away so my appointment was finished before the Prince's had begun. Instead of staying inside the hospital cozy with my book, a french vanilla coffee & a morning glory muffin from the hospital auxiliary cafe I made the fateful & stupid mistake* (bonjour hindsight) of deciding I would await my chariot outside (beautiful sunny mild day) & then the Prince wouldn't have to eventually park to collect me.

90 minutes later, several sticking out like a sore thumb locations, a bit of strolling up & down long pavement drives ... way too much existential thinking, somber pondering of racing giant transport trucks on the nearby highway, lots o' grim imaginative thoughts & ideas & finally, finally the black glossy chariot was spotted. By this time I was perched delicately sitting on the 4" wooden edge of a large flower bed planter. I opened the chariot door smiled at the Prince & said "not one of my better ideas". You may be asking yourself the very sensible question "why didn't she just go back inside to cozyland?". Sensible apparently was away for the day. I kept thinking, oh don't bother ... the next car might be him ... sighing

today couldn't help but be better ... uh huh !

* note to self - do not put yourself in a place where the only company you have for 90 minutes is you & your thoughts and the whipping in the wind pages of a book your not that into - yikes


  1. Yeah but all the sick people are inside....

  2. And it must have been so very nice to reach home again.....

  3. good point Shammy - avoiding les super bug

  4. Red Hook Road

  5. funny story, dear Susan. LOL. LOVE your pics again ...as usual.

  6. Yeah but you wanted to see him. I get it. 90 minutes is an eternity in that scenario. Come ON Prince!

    Glad you're safe and warm again.


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