Saturday, December 31, 2011

the little ginger kitten Cyrus was a part of our life for exactly 21 days - I fell a little in love

Yesterday Cyrus, Lil' C, Luvah, Bucky ... went to his new fabulous home at the sister-in-law of our long time vet Dianne Stevens (she'll be his vet now too). He has 2 feline sisters (who I'm sure he's already attempting to terrorize in his oh-so-cute, tres brazen, kitten self, manner). I miss him a lot ... of course. From the moment I picked him up in my arms that Friday afternoon 3 weeks ago & he instantly nuzzled his funny little ginger face into my neck and began to purr like mad I knew I had to take him home. Something told me that this skinny lil orange guy needed my help. I'm feeling particularly proud of myself - both for finding him such a great new home so quickly without too much terrible disruption of les Gang (though my main man/cat Oliver caught a terrible case of URI from Bucky & has begun a 7 day course of penicillin), but for also being practical & realistic, for not taking on more than I want or more than we can afford.

Cyrus is a very lucky cat.

The shelter's here, there & everywhere are overflowing with abandoned, unwanted cats & kittens. Our local shelter is full to capacity & Cyrus was placed on a long waiting list just to make it into the shelter, where then he might have stayed for months & months before anyone adopted him. Not because he isn't sweet, a perfectly lovely, particularly handsome cat but because there are so many cats that don't have homes & hundreds of kittens born each month that will end up like him - prowling around some community, far too young to be out in the big world on their own, mewing as loud as possible at anyone who might look their way, saying ...

Pick me up please & take me home. Love me.

& I sure did
love him.
happy new home Lil' C

I'm so, so happy I took so many photos of his handsome ginger self - I will paint a portrait of him this year


  1. Brilliant!!! Good for you for rescuing him and kudos to you for having the strength to let him go. Is there nothing madame invincible cannot do? Here's to the amazing surprises of 2012. I know you are going to blow the doors off of it!

  2. Excellent way to ring in the New Year...enjoy + tail wags in 2012. Love the photo of him, looking at him!! ~moose

  3. Loving and letting go. That's hard. He'll be happy, and you'll have fond memories once the ache has gone.
    Happy 2012 !

  4. Well, a happy ending! Good luck to him in his new home.

    And Happy New Year to you and your tribe! x

  5. I miss him terribly I really do.

    His tentative date to be accepted at the shelter was Jan 12 - I know if I hadn't found a good home for him by then I wouldn't have been able to leave him there for I'd be on the shelter sight a million times a day, wondering if he'd found a home & if so what kind of home was it exactly ? Were there small (mauling) children, was it a vbusy street, would they let him outside ??

    The Prince & I had discussed the "Plan B" of keeping him. He was beginning to find his place within the heirarchy of 29 Black Street but I know without a doubt that Lil' C will have a great long happy life in his new home & that he will provide lots of love to his new family.


  6. What a lucky kitten, to have you find him and then find him such a lovely home. I know you'll miss him - but you can go visit, right?

    Happy New Year and Happy New Home to the Little Kitten That Could. Hugs.

  7. His character shines through in these photos. Angels move through our lives in all sorts of forms and you were his.Task completed Susan, well done you.
    As MLou says, "brilliant"! Congratulations are in order.

  8. Lucky Cyrus. He's irresistible. I'm happy he has a good home. It breaks my heart to think of all the kitties who need homes. I take care of as many as I can here; I wish I could do it everywhere.

  9. Such wonderful news! I am soooo happy for that sweet little kitty!
    I love what MLou said...! I know it is difficult to let go of the ones we foster but we can't help others when there is no room at the inn. With him safe in a new forever home there will be a place at the table for yet another temporary boarder, should one cross your path. You are, indeed, AMAZING!!! XOXOXO


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