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Monday, December 5, 2011

"please use lots of pinks !" says current freelance customer " with pink pleasure" says I

this too: bitchy

Yes it's true I feel bitchy, crabby, overwhelmed a little, I've lost control & I'm not sure where exactly I am or where I'm going - today. The thing that's really astonishing is I'm not really freaking out about it. It's been busy, I've been busier than I like to be, rushing & fractured feeling, pulled in too many directions. I've been hiking on a few new trails, I'm discovering lots of things I do want & so many I know I don't want. It's how I learn, it's how I grow ... it's how I move forward. It is not bad, it is just too much stuff goin' on I think. I've reached my limit, my tipping point ... which is a very good thing to know.

Bitchy says to me - I'm tired of all this growing, moving forward shit, pass the cheetos"
I quietly remind Bitchy - this too shall pass ... & do you really want orange + greasy fingers?
Bitchy - Shut up !! & I think she means it

& this too shall pass.
& this too shall pass.
& this too shall pass.


  1. It will.

    With you in spirit. Your overwhelmed friend across the pond. xx

  2. I love the magical healing qualities of Cheetos...

  3. I understand. same place exactly.

    the morran book came out. have you seen? it is beautiful.

  4. Too much to do equals bitchy, definitely.

    Is one of my daughters your client? More pink would definitely be part of the order. They didn't sneak off with my credit cards did they? Heh.

  5. Oh dear me. Well, beautiful artwork here. LOVE It.


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