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Saturday, December 24, 2011

some scenes from the week before Christmas in our tiny village on the sea

Our strength grows out of our weakness

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I recently lost my girlfriend Mojo ... and I really didn't think she was coming back. I always think that - that this will be the time ... she's finally gone for good. I can't explain it.

We've had a little snow, a little happiness, a little chocolate (that's a lie - a lot of chocolate), a little work stint at the bustling village post office, I made home made marshmallows & decorated them with my best 6 year old friend Bee, Cyrus (the mad ginger kitten) has left the confines of my office (good luck lil' kitten out there in the hallow halls of 29 Black Street & beware of large hairy beasts) giving me back some much needed peace, order & my lil' Empire. I bought a tiny tree that I absolutely adore (our only nod to Christmas), I made souped up chex mix and then watched A Christmas Story (while eating Chex mix) snug in the chocolate brown room with my sweetie and an assorted pile of fur sweetness. I had lunch out yesterday with someone I love who loves me back, someone who always makes me feel good. The Prince & I renewed our vows ;-) again & today I'll make another batch of marshmallows, a big batch of dog cookies and chowder for tomorrow's low key holiday dinner. Tomorrow morning after a long walk with my gal Missy D I'll have a Christmas morning brunch with Bee (& her family) then home to read my current book, drink peppermint tea & eat marshmallow bon bons all day. Heaven.

Bonjour Mojo ... come on in, why dontcha stay awhile ??

I do love my blog I don't want to take a break from it.

The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles
than in growing with them.

Bernard M. Baruch


  1. Hi Susan. sending you lots of love from our family to yours. Have a great Christmas (low key is good) ours will be this year. Nothing better than snuggling with our honies and watching a movie or two! XXXOOO Joni and Peter

  2. Wonderful photos! Aren't they always wonderful photos? I like the light on that orange cat, bringing the sun into your house.

    Merry Christmas, Susan and the gang, and a happy, healthy, fulfilling New Year!

  3. Happy Christmas right back at ya
    & wishing you all a spectacular new year ... love a new year ;-)

  4. Hi Susan,
    I read a lot of blogs occasionally, but read 2 blogs faithfully every single day. One of those 2 blogs is 29 Black Street.
    I want you to know how inspiring your blog is, and what a wonderful artist I think you are.
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and all the best to you and your loved ones for the New Year.

  5. hey sister,
    your mojo hasn't left you - she's just taking a Christmas vacation. it's such a strange and emotionally-fraught time of year for so many of us, I can't really blame her for getting out of dodge for a few days. may I suggest you make the
    most of her absence by just continuing to hunker in your bunker, absorbing the holiday treats and loving up your furry brood? take some guilt-free time off, girl - heaven knows you deserve it!
    peace+love - n
    ps: said a little 'hi' to sackville for you on the way thru!

  6. ditto on the marshmallow + dog cookie making here in sunny Colorado...mom is baking up a storm to spend Christmas at the 'ol Fire Station with dad and the crew...HOHOHO + tail wags to all + to all a good night.

  7. oh, and your blog loves you! We miss you and worry a little when you're not around. Happy that Ms. Mojo is peeking around the corner again. Much love and best wishes from KB and her pack!

  8. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.
    You, and the whole lovely pack!

  9. merry, merry mojo! So glad you came back. I missed you.

  10. With love to all at Black Street for Christmas and the coming New Year. Thank you for the warmth, beauty and creativity found here Susan. So pleased that dear Miss Winnie D is enjoying continuing good health. Will you be making your special biscuits for the much loved four-legged ones?
    I enjoy your posts so much.

  11. Merry Christmas sweet friend. WHat a beautiful holiday you made for your Prince and pack. Well done. Your photographs underscore all that is true real and good in life. thank you for today -everyday, at 29 Blackstreet; a favorite place of mine. xo

  12. Merry Christmas Susan to you and your gang. Wish I were able to adopt Cyrus, he makes my heart go ping everytime I see him. All the best to you in the new year. You know all your faithful readers are rootin' for ya!

  13. thank you all for such lovely & very encouraging comments hope all your individual holidays are filled with joy & comfort much love, xoxo Susan

  14. Stopping in to say Merry Christmas and wish Mojo a safe return... a cozy Christmas sounds wonderful.

  15. what do home made marshmallows taste like? are they hard to make like fudge is?


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