more or less

Monday, December 31, 2012

Miss Dixon mid blizzard / more bird watching (& posing) / snowy branches / vintage embroidered pillow case / black pine / tres serious bird watching (& occasional flinging cat bodies, full force, against the window) / snowy from a second floor window

less - to a smaller extent, amount, or degree

I'm still contemplating my one little word motto, mantra for this upcoming almost brand new year. For a few days, maybe a week even, I was completely convinced that my word was going to be brave but after pondering that particular word intensely (as only I can ponder) I thought to myself - but I'm already pretty brave, actually come to think of it I'm really very brave*. Braveness and me have always been good pals - I'm that weird combination of very brave while feeling fearful always, the thing I'm realizing is that you can't really have brave without fear. The other thing I'm finally understanding is that we are all afraid - some of us just talk about it more.

So ... no to the word brave for 2013. What I really want more of in my life, in many areas of my life is less. Less ? hmmmm. Less is more. I have always believed that, but then I fear (naturally) if I choose less as my word the Universe might get things screwed up and give me less of the things I need & want more of - like love, like making a good living, like happiness, fantastic projects, clients, creativity ...

Of course not I convince myself. The Universe knows what's going on. She's gonna know that if I choose less as my word I mean the less is more less ... less on my plate, less procrastination, less stuff (much less stuff), less spending, less over thinking, less obligation, less saying "yes" to everything and everyone, less internet, less email checking, less inventory, less worry - you get where I'm going with this. 

All this to say I'm not sure yet if less will be my word for 2013. But I do know that I want a more spare life, I want to pare down & simplify. I want to focus and to get really good at one or two things instead of trying always to do everything. I really want much more from less please.

* stay tuned for more of these revolutionary revelations. How great is that ? to discover that I am already very brave ? I'm continually amazed how just when you think you've figured yourself out, somewhat - Kapow! you find out something about yourself that makes your heart swell. It makes me feel incredible to know that I am brave.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Virgil (Gus) & the thyme / desk top still life / the sea / greenest parsley / cats ARE allowed on tables / handsome Samuel & Winnie Dixon / Virgil on the wood pile / stir fry / Oliver working ate again / a birdwatching Gussie-Gus

I myself am made entirely of flaws,
stitched together with good intentions
Augusten Burroughs* 

it's so strange ... I know I've gone all quiet here - I have so much to say, to tell, so many thoughts, ideas, plans, recent revelations, etc. that I do really feel like talking about & sharing. I've been filling pages in my handwritten journal and maybe that's what's been happening once it's out of me & onto a page, somewhere, anywhere ... it doesn't seem to need repeating. One of these days soon I'm going to say lots + lots, I'm going tell you everything - so stay tuned, please.

recent activities include - taking lots of photographs / eating way to many chocolates / dilly dallying & wasting tons of time / dreaming & scheming & planning lots / working on a new logo & new web site with designer artist Anna Stowe / wishing I could twinkle my nose like Samantha of Bewitched for both good & evil / thinking about my "one little word" for 2013 / loving this sad song

but you went away, how dare you 
I miss you, they say I'll be OK
but I'm not going to, ever, get over you
Blake Shelton / Miranda Lambert

* via Lisa Congdon


Friday, December 28, 2012

2 dogs (Miss Winnie Dixon & Juicy) + 1 calm & icy  harbour + snow + grass = 1 beautiful life


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winnie / Monty's (vintage things) window / windowsill thyme / the soothing sound of water / crows and an early ice filled harbour / windowsill parsley / Sam on his picnic table (photographed from the second floor bathroom window) / I love lichen / Missy D way out in front ;-) / spruce / my gorgeous, gorgeous girl Winnie Dixon

oh yes we did !

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

chocolate covered & decorated marshmallows recipe / sweet Bee my partner in crime / marshmallows awaiting les dipping / we made a sweet mess / we also made reindeer poop recipe / we had a furry gang of supervision / we had gooey crushed candy cane dust faces / & more chocolaty sticky faces / sweet ! (marshmallow making is a 2 day event) 

happy, happy holidays to you all

from me & les Gang
xoxoxo Susan