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Thursday, December 6, 2012

be love 8x10 giclee print of a mixed media collage piece available for sale in my etsy shop - Susan Black 

oh my goodness ! I am still here, intending to blog each and every morning and then I get swept away by each day's giant Let's Get It Done list - truth be told I'm tired, I'm doing many things, much of my day(s), that don't (in any way shape or form) turn my crank. What do I want to be doing ? How do I want to spend my time? It's all food for thought, food for planning + learning from the experience and ya gotta know with 24.5 days left in 2012 I am in big full-on planning mode. Hullo, I love a new day, a new week, a new month ...  as Kathie so sweetly said in the comments a few weeks ago (& still has me laughing when I think of it) Shut The Front Door !'s a brand new shiny year in 24.5 more days.

Oh the goals, oh the dreams & schemes I've got simmerin' and you can be sure that I will spill all those details one day very soon when I get a chance to come up for air. I've got lots of new plans, e-courses & stuff already pencilled into my new hot pink Cavallini day planner (sung by a chorus of angels) yes I did say hot pink, planner & Cavallini in the same sentence.

Between madly pitchin & promotin', filling my two fabulous retailers Inkwell Modern in Halifax and Dots & Loops in Lunenburg with calendars & prints & stuff, advertising on My Owl Barn (Bonjour !) & Elise Blaha's blog, selling my etsy shop stuff, keeping up with inventory and packaging supplies, more pitchin & promotin', post office runs and packaging up my wares (and I do mean MY WARES) for this Saturday's Pugwash Christmas By The Sea Farmer's Market & Craft Fair - be there or be Square !! omgoodness is right. Every giclee print I've ever offered in three sizes, a zillion matted giclee Lil' Art Cards, 2013 owl calendars & my big beautiful Botanica calendars all in one place + I plan on having some fantastic specials. I think my little friend Sweet Bee is manning the table with me (with some of her own wares - hooray).

So ... it's been really interesting to be looking at, one by one, examing closely & packaging (in cellophane with backer board & business cards) giclee prints of practically everything I've ever done. Last night was the big print packaging extravanganza. Methodically & meticulously packaging up hundreds of giclee prints of my art. Normally doing a task such as this one I would divert my intention by listening to an audio CD or watch/listen to some guilty pleasure TV on my computer like America's Next Top Model or favourite soap The Bold & the Beautiful but for some reason last night I decided to work away in silence - several hours of reminiscing over my work, my love, my passion - an introspective retrospective if you will of me & my creative empire, thoughts about where I've been this past year and where I'm headed this brand new shiny year. Tons more good things are waiting just on the horizon !

Scrutinizing all my artwork while packaging it up became the perfect time for a little constructive ponder + critique and the two pieces shown here today feel like favourites to me - they speak to me of the future, my future  ... the art & work that's brewing away inside of me just itchin' to come spilling out - one day very soon I'm hoping.

One last thing. If you're a seeker and a planner in that over zealous, crazed way just like me you have to check out the fantastic workbook and 2013 planner downloads that Susannah Conway is giving away + how to Rock It And it is fantastic & gorgeous graphic design & typography to boot - so important.

Shut The Front Door ;-) & see ya soon !

A tiny life No.7 -  8x10 giclee print of a mixed media collage piece available for sale in my etsy shop - Susan Black


  1. Love the green and blue palettes of your prints. And that Bee will be at the art fair table with you, budding duchess of her own creative empire.

  2. love these two pieces, Susan. Great colours! Your enthusiasm for 2013 is infectious, thanks for that.

  3. Busy busy bee.....

    How's Himself doing these days? What's he working on now?


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