hello december

Saturday, December 1, 2012

maple leaves & pine needles / kitchen reno avec the dude / mossy rock / lil' art cards / shadows on the beach / sweetBee / oliver & Missy D / lunch & pitch envelope / hydrangea / more kitchen reno / frost / more fall leaves

oh my ... our kitchen makeover/reno is spectacular !


  1. Your kitchen is fantastic!

  2. I must post the shameful "befores" so that you can really see just how freakin' fantastic it really is - the man's a genius, there's nothin' he can't do - with Oliver's help of course.

  3. Susan,
    Your photographs are always stunning but I must say the kitchen is spectacular. I would love to see before and after.
    Hello December it is.
    Kitty, USA

  4. I LOVE your pitch envelope. How could they possibly say no?

  5. Wonderful pics Susan. Love the frost-covered leaves -- and of course your kitchen. (Drool)

  6. Wonderful photos as always, love the kitchen; Oliver and Missy D seem to approve. I especially like the photos of the hydrangea and leaves, lovely colours.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Susan, I love your choice of the hanging lights. Would it be rude of me to ask who makes them and what they are called?

    FYI. Yours was the very first blog I subscribed to years ago. I follow you faithfully and always look forward to your posts although I rarely comment. I should tell you more often how much I appreciate you. Thank you.

  8. kitchen is truly stunning...amazing how cats can pull it out when they put there little minds to something (with a little help :-)
    My Dad is currently giving our 108 year old bathroom a gutting, it is scary indeed...
    tail wags + happy Dec to all.

  9. ngillard thank you so much for your lovely compliment & yes I do need (crave & love) the occasional tidbit of "blogger appreciation/affection. Any blogger who says they don't care about having comments is lying - we LOVE comments !

    I do not mind you asking about the lights at all - picked out by the Prince himself from our go to shopping spot - Canada's own Home Hardware - all our recent light fixtures (bathroom as well) & many other home accoutrements are bought there. Only if HH doesn't have it do we shop elsewhere - Canadian Tire another favourite online shopping experience.

    Here the link to the lights (they are inexpensive too)


  10. Two thoughts:

    1. We need Before and After pictures of that stunning kitchen

    2. Your rule about No Cats On The Table is as respected as mine.....

  11. Beautiful - all of it.

  12. GIRL! Whose kitchen is EVER THAT CLEAN??!!! Wonderful!!!

  13. Thanks for the light information, Susan. I will be a better follower and comment more. I promise. What's the next project for that man of yours? He seems to need something to work
    his magic on at all times, eh?


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