a wintry morning

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Miss Dixon & out and about on our first really wintry morning of the season

If you look closely at photo No. 5 you'll see Bruce having his breakfast (near the door) and his little house at the far left


  1. I see Bruce and his little house! We have lots of those little houses on our deck. I would just like to hug Missy D

  2. Hi Judy ! thank you so much for all of your lovely sweet comments. Missy D says she's love to have a hug from you. I'm thinking I'm going to drape a tarp around Bruce's house so the opening is just a little more hidden. Sending loads of love your way xoxo S + gang

  3. Whole different climate zone up on the Northumberland Straight. No snow here on the eastern shore.

    Love the little cat house on your deck. "Cat house" ? lol


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