apple cake

Sunday, October 18, 2009

just out of the oven

Apple cake, merci ! Smitten Kitchen

I halved the recipe as I like to do (so Mama doesn't eat too much cake). My apple cake overcooked a bit on the bottom and this seems to happen to me when I use a glass pie plate or baking dish - but of course then I forget in between baking things and only remember when said new baking thing is only half baked - and then I thunk myself on the head (like they do in the I coulda had a V-8 commercials) and attempt to make a mental note for next time. I'm thinking a sheet of foil or a cookie sheet under the glass dish might solve this problem.

Aside from the crusty exterior, this was delicious, as always, served with a big dollop of whipped cream or a generous scoop of premium vanilla ice cream while still warm from the oven. Enjoy.

I may take a wee blog break for the next 2 days. I'm taking a First Aid course in my efforts to become qualified to be an Educational Assistant at either or both the elementary school and the high school. The course runs from 8am-4pm and thus drastically impairs my "power hours"* between 5-7am. A term tres aptly coined by that girl who knows me better than I know myself. Coffee, bubbles and a walk with Miss D will be the priority early morning agenda items items for the next 2 days.

Be sure to check back later in the week 'cause we have some very exciting news.

* that term was coined one day when I told her, completely aghast, that Nova Scotia Power had called to tell me of a planned power outage between 5 and 7 am on a Saturday - Huh ??? I promptly called customer service to ask Were they nuts ? As far as I was concerned those were "prime time" hours, hours when people all over this beautiful province of ours are dearly requiring their power - my girl MLou chuckled and teased What were they thinking ? That darn NSPower ? Perhaps some people might enjoy an excuse to sleep in she suggested. Uh Huh, Well not me, 5-7 am are, as it turns out, my uncompromising Hours of Power ... Geez, my pre-set coffee comes on at 5:10 sharp each and every day and in preparation for that enormous inconvenience I had to prepare a thermos the night before - the nerve.... Wink.

a little piece of apple cake to go with my whipped cream


  1. Oh, this looks SO good. I was just thinking of making an apple crisp and eating the whole thing. LOL! I'll miss you in the next few mornings - have fun at your class. Don't faint! xox Pam

  2. Oh that looks SO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to volunteer at the school for hours when H was smaller. Clunk, you mean I could have been paid? Great idea. Hope it works out.

  3. Bonjour,
    Oh yummy...we smell that good stuff over here.
    Benny & Lily

  4. I'll miss you. You have become a constant element in my mornings.

  5. Do you really have to go???
    I look forward to your wonderful blog every day....

  6. Hi, You are sounding bubbly these last few days... I wonder if it has anything to do with your exciting news????

  7. Thank you Elizabeth - what a sweet comment!

    and Sweet Pea from the far away lands (Veronica) I think maybe my exciting news has more to do with my recent found bubbly-ness, than the other way round. Wink

  8. ohhhh..... that photo is big enough to dive right into that whipped cream! mmmmmyum!

    even Greg loved the pic of Jake on the big screen and sweet little Oliver sitting there... waiting to get started .......he termed the shot "impressive" and had to come back to look for a second time.....saying again what a great shot it was....


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