a magical place

Saturday, October 10, 2009

this magical place

steady rain and no wind
warm temperatures and open windows
perfect coffee and scented bubbles
inky blackness, still
a big weekend plan always
brilliant red leaves climb this old brick house
chestnuts scatter along our driveway
and the skies carry hundreds of geese on their travels
their constant honking is both haunting and beautiful

It's a long weekend (it's Canadian Thanksgiving), which actually doesn't really mean anything different to me - the life of the self employed designer gal - you work when there's work and lately I've been very busy, which is fantastic ! I have quite a variety of design projects on the go plus I'm slowly (and fairly leisurely) getting this old house ready for another winter. I still have chimney sweeps to call, boiler maintenance to organize, a big sunporch to ready for stacks and stacks of firewood. Leaves to shuffle through, terracotta pots full of annuals to say goodbye to and to tuck securely into the shed until spring again. Pears and apples to eat. Squash and pumpkins to cook. Beaches to walk on ... I do love this time of year.


  1. gorgeous! I love the ripples in the first picture.
    We're also celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. Hope you have a good one! Pumpkin food is the best. My mom has made anything from pumpkin soup, to pumpkin squares. It's like every meal is a Hogwarts meal!
    Pumpkin juice doesn't sound as tasty though - unless they happen to put a lot of sugar in there.


  2. Beautiful pictures thats great momma is busy. More treats BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. Me too. Autumn has to be the most fulfilling time of the year. I love the idea of getting your house ready for the winter.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Wonderful open dramatic sky!
    Happy Thanksgiving. Good sunny day to get outside:)

  6. how was yout weekend fest? Happy belated Thxgiving. Such a better time of year to ahve a Fall fest than when we have ours her in the U.S.


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