try, try again

Thursday, October 29, 2009

yellow leaves in our front garden last early evening

Many people seem to think that success in one area
can compensate for failure in other areas.
But can it really?...True effectiveness requires balance.

Stephen Covey

Uh Huh. I do hear ya Steve

I'm thinking that the time changes this Sunday - we fall back an hour. Sigh. I always find the months between September and Christmas rush by so quickly that I can hardly catch my breath and this year all those days and weeks seem especially speedy. A blur of Autumn. I decided this morning while having my first cup of coffee tucked into the nest of down & flannel, a little Piper Belle snuggled in beside me and Oliver on me like a piece of clothing, that I need more (or even some balance in my life). Time management, I realize, will be the ultimate key to my success. I need to schedule into my days home keeping, exercise, down time, fun stuff, gardening - and in small manageable units ... so that my days become rich and varied. Instead of days hunched over the TTD telling myself Well, your busy. I do tend to spend most of my time here at the teak topped desk, my comfort zone, under the guise of busyness and believe me it's not always productive time. As anyone who sits in front of a big beautiful monitor with high speed internet can tell you. Oh look I have new mail I wonder who it's from ? ( a dozen times or more through the day). Oh ! they're talking about some author and his interesting new book on Q - gee, I wonder if I can order that from my library system ? and off I go. Not to mention all of those completely random thoughts or words that rattle around in that head of mine, leading to questions that I know now can be answered in a blink with a mere clickety click in the Google search bar of the ever curious mind. One never has to wonder, ever again, how fantastic is that ? who knows where I'll visit and when I might be back to the task at hand. I can circle the globe several times on any given day. I'm doing research ... Uh Huh

I've mentioned this topic before - how I would (re) instate new rules about surfing and checking emails, checking my blog, checking other blogs etc - if you'd look at my internet history on any given day you'd be ('cause I sure am) shocked ! And ya know I would like to vacuum (seriously) or have a tidy kitchen always, I'd like to use my 30 mins Pilates DVD, to spend an hour here and there reading when I wasn't exhausted and ready to fall asleep or to think about what Christmas gifts I'll make this year, now in October when there is still time to actually make them.

So I will try again ... I'm looking for some big balance in my life and you know that old saying ... If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Oh and I have a massage apt. tonight - can you hear the harp music ? ahhhhh ....


  1. Oh my goodness, I can really relate to this post.

  2. Susan!!!!! I hear you, sista! I have been singing this same lament. I think I need to schedule my day in 30 minute increments. I just spent 30 minutes on my work (reading other people's m/s). Now I am going to spend 30 minutes sewing! hahah! I just need to find time for 30 minutes of autumn enjoyment, 30 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of friend face time, 30 minutes of cooking dinner, 30 minutes of kid bonding, 30 minutes of bathroom cleaning, 30 minutes of washing my dogs, and the list goes on...sigh. When you figure it out, will you PLEASE tell me how to do it? xoxoxox Pam

  3. Yes.
    I told my husband just yesterday, "you know, Monday and Tuesday go by pretty normally. But when Wednesday gets here, it seems it just morphs into Saturday so quickly, I hardly seem to notice." Tooooo fast!!

    Love the image of Piper, Dee and you asleep in the flannel nest!!

  4. Well, you know that saying about how to eat an elephant.... But there's no easy solution, is there. Googling is so-o-o-o pleasant and easy, and beats vacuuming hands down!

  5. Yeah I think there's some larger energy around this kind of movement these days - I'm feeling it and I experience it from others. It's like we want to sort of lay our lives out on a pattern or grid and find some comfort in the routine itself, rather than sort of being sucked into a routine that may or may not feel great in the moment...

  6. Yes, I hear you here, completely. It is far too easy to use up one's time surfing away and using google. Simply put--very addictive. And her I am , actually catching up and trying to get through every blog I've enjoyed as its too easy to also let time slip by and not do the surfing one wants to do too! how does that work?!


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