Friday, October 2, 2009

beautiful book jacket

Now if this book jacket doesn't make you want to read this book ... well I don't know what would. Check out more great book design here and here.

The Missing by Tim Gautreaux. I picked this book up at the library yesterday - the story is set
in New Orleans just after World War I - not exactly my favourite time period or setting I tend to prefer contemporary stories but in this instance I find the cover so compelling (and the reviews on the back cover of his previous novel The Clearing so glowing) that I will dive in after I've tackled Dismantled by Jennifer Mcmahon my next book up in the bedside queue.

Both books have relatively short chapters which I confess I totally love (and books with no chapters at all - what's up with that ?). I'm a bedtime reader only and the act of reading can often lull me to sleep nearly instantaneously - it's the main reason my "books read in 2009" list
is so short. I do love moving my bookmark each night, forward to the next attainable goal, preferable a dozen or so pages into the future of a story as I try to encourage myself ...
just one more chapter.

Also in the bedside pile The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall
What are you reading these days ? We'd love to know.


  1. Presently reading "Musicophilia" by Oliver Sacks and loving it, examining the powers of music through "the individual experiences of patients, musicians and everyday people".Includes those who are hypermusical from birth,and those who,through synesthesia, see music in colours.Visually,being quite familiar with auras,and watching them around musicians,I find it both fascinating and reassuring! Have a lovely weekend Susan.

  2. Hey Susan! Love to you and the gang! I just got both The Missing and The Clearing this week and of course they went in the TBR stack!
    I agree that cover makes you want to read it but it will be awile before I get to them! :)

  3. My bedside table book at the moment is "Dreaming in Hindi" by Katherine Russell Rich. I've always been fascinated by India.
    My car book (for when I am waiting for someone or stuck in traffic) is "All I Did Was Ask" by Terry Gross. It's a book of conversations, so it's good for shorter periods of reading.

  4. Oh boy - my reading material is quite light as I am into some heavy duty thinking on another front and just want to phase the glorious world of baking. Reading Baking with Julia Child and the Art & Soul of Baking along with a couple of novels - The 19th Wife and The Help. My reading pile is about 8 ft tall and seems to mysteriously jump higher in leaps and bounds esepcially this time of the year. What woud I do without my books :)

  5. That cover is lovely. Very vintage exotic. Im still reading Tess, still very much enjoying it, just reading afew pages a day so it takes a while.


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