this big week

Thursday, October 22, 2009

walking in Autumn sunshine

Oh my ... it's been one of those tres fast paced weeks. What with courses, apts, deadlines and today's trip to the nearby much bigger town, about a 45 min. drive each way. My friend Louise is coming along to keep us company and do a few of her own errands. Missy D has a 9:30 apt. with the vet (just a wee senior girl check up) she'll be 11 in January. A little shopping, a few errands and finally a little treasure to pick up ... but more on that Friday. I fell asleep at 8:15 last night I was worn out from all the, completely self imposed, internal stress & turmoil of this BIG week. And of course, as is my usual pattern, I have a few things that must get done this early morning, things that I've left until the last moment, before that teal coloured '97 Ford Escort Wagon will be ready to blast off - most important of which is a lovely long stroll in darkness with my best girl Dee. So off we go ...


  1. Well, it all sounds very exciting, including the walk in the darkness with Miss D. :) Enjoy your drive, have a wonderful day! Maybe things will slow down next week. ;) xo Pam

  2. Those leaves look like they've been dipped in crimson paint,
    By a fairy,
    With sprinkles of sundust.
    Like moondust, but gold,
    Like glitter, like butter, like coins.

  3. Treasure indeed...better than bacon.

  4. I wish Ms. Winnie an excellent check-up. Edward loves going to the vet. All that attention, you know.

    Your photographs are pure poetry.

  5. So we have to wait till tomorrow to see "the little treasure", do we? Harrumph.

  6. The leaves look lovely. Its good to have a crazy busy week once in a while isnt it?


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