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Monday, October 12, 2009

a sunny Autumn Sunday

Lots of raking, chopping, clipping and sweeping - the jungle was beginning to win • I hacked away a wide path through the overgrowth and to our front door • I cleared off the front porch and rearranged the barely fading big pots of bright red and pink annuals (mostly impatience) in a wide showy circle around Nessie's pillow topped old white wicker chair - his snoozing perch most of the daylight hours • we walked around this little village in crisp sunshine, Miss D, Deb, Maggy Sue and I and later I lolled for a few hours on the guest room bed in the chocolate brown room, tucked under a quilt with Winnie, Bleet & Oliver curled up beside me and we all basked there in a huge big patch of afternoon sunshine • I drank English Breakfast tea and I finished another book in the bedside pile. A lovely lazy day.

We love Sundays


  1. I need to start scheduling in some Lollygag Sundays because that sounds awesome.

  2. Sounds too delicious for words...but I am sure I would have slept away the afternoon in that serene chocolate brown guest room!

  3. I'm coming over!!! LOL! Sounds lovely. :)

  4. I think anyone would love a Sunday lie that.

  5. Autumn, sunshine, red leaves, a book, and tea; what could be nicer?

  6. "...wide showy circle" of pots... How wonderful.Fresh air,exercise and well-deserved rest.Sounds like the perfect Sunday.


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