A word, a mantra and a mission statement

Friday, January 27, 2023


Do you choose a word to guide you through each new year ? 

I really love the idea and have chosen a word each year for the past almost 10 years with varying degrees of success - success being that the word actually sticks with me well into the year - but then I wonder if maybe the initial intention, set when choosing, is actually the most important part of this exercise. 

If you haven't yet picked a word it's not too late. Susannah Conway has a wonderful workbook to download that helps you to uncover your "one little word" for the year.

One of the exercises she suggests is to reflect back on 2022 and think about what you "want more of" in 2023 and also what you "want less of". On Sunday Jan 01 at 5:45 am (I am an early riser), with my morning coffee, I wrote in my journal:

I want more contentment, more ease, more loving relationships (Oliver, Virgil & Douglas), more security, more income, more trust in my creative abilities, more focus, more structure. 

I want less insecurity, scarcity mentality, less obligation, less worry, less anxiety, less dread.

Underneath these two statements I wrote a quick list of words: calm, peace, ease, secure, loved, loving, prosper, flourish, abundance, grateful, blessed, confident, assured, prosperity and thrive.The word prosper immediately jumped to the forefront and the words flourish and thrive became my 2023 "wing words".

It took me another 2 weeks of early morning journaling and pondering the idea of "how to make this year the best it can be" to arrive at the idea of creating a simple, short mantra, an all occasion, loving, pep talk to myself to pull out whenever needed. Since my go-to, historic feeling state/comfort zone is "anxious + insecure" why not turn that old idea of me completely on it's head and ta-da ... I arrived at "calm confidence" - and I love it ! 

“Courage is like a muscle. 
We strengthen it with use.”
Ruth Gordon

I have one big goal for my creative business this year and that's to make a thriving income. The last few years have not been thriving, although my creative energy has not wained in the least, my ability to earn from this passion of mine has been practically non-existent. A fact that feels frustrating, shame and doubt inducing, and also oh so challenging. Challenging in a good way. After all, indefatigable-ness is one of my super powers. 

My creative interests and talents are diverse. I love nothing more than to be in my sunny, plant filled, second floor studio space (with studio mates Oliver & Virg) tackling something - how can I turn that energy and love into a dependable income?

Well ... the jury's still out on that one but we're intention setting here. So how about a mission statement (my first ever) to close out this Jan 2023 newsletter ?

I will use my enthusiasm, experience and varied skills to build wealth by creating modern, uplifting artwork for a diverse and loyal customer base.

I would love to know your word for 2023, let me know in the comments.



  1. I am so glad you are back. I love your enthusiasm! I tried the word thing years past. The word always sorta passed away me after January. LOL. I tried a Happy Jar. I would make a little note and put in the Happy Jar and would read after the end of the year. I didn't have many notes in it, so I quit that. I decided to take each day as it comes and write a note or two on my calendar. This past year, I have kept up with a lot of appts here and there. Nothing exciting! :) --I'm so glad you returned to your blog. Yours was the first one I would read to start my day. It seems so long ago. Somehow your words always resonated with me. Don't stop! Sending Love, Wanda/Galestorm

  2. Hey Wanda xoxo I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment. I'm still "trying" to get back to a somewhat regular blogging habit - ideally my goal is to post once a week, but I'd be happy for bimonthly posts to begin with. It feels like I've lost my voice (writing and blogging) but I know that's not true ... I'm just out of practice. Oliver & Virgil send their love, Susan


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