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Sunday, April 27, 2008

I heard someone call these rays of light coming down from the clouds -the glory

It's just getting light outside, big mug of steaming hot coffee with lots of milk, typing in the glow of my laptop screen at my desk in the middle of my freshly painted office. Big happy sigh.

All the trim, the doors and the inside of the closet (soon to become the filing and creative supplies central) were painted a medium dark blah blue. My walls are a taupe brown (which I painted last summer) so it was very unattractive. For some, as yet unknown reason, the trim and closet had become daunting - one of those big monsters that I do LOVE to create out of tiny mole hills. Well maybe this wasn't a tiny mole hill.

MLou (the best friend who's sleeping in the guest room as I type this) and I had a lovely big long early morning walk seaside with Miss Winnie Dixon then home to prime les blah blue with first coat of primer. Lots of chatting and real catching up which of course makes the job of painting fly by. Lunch (chili with all the fixin's -sour cream, grated old cheddar, green onions, tomatoes, avocado, and corn chips), then back to the office for another coat of primer, tea break mid afternoon and then the final coat of glossy creamy warm white - Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Perfect ongoing, non stop, never a dull moment chit chat (we've never, ever had a problem coming up with topics of conversation) It's a hallmark of our over 20 year friendship, full on, marathon, never bored, always stimulating and interesting conversation. The best !

By the time the sun was beginning to set on our little harbour we were finally finishing up the last of the trim colour and the light was nearly gone. Time to take a stroll with Miss Winn (who'd been just hangin' patiently all day). A walk down to the park and along the water's edge, the harbour last night was as still as glass and lit by the orange and lavender streaky remnants of another beautiful sunset. Winnie loves this walk because it's a very high traffic area (as opposed to our open country walks) there appears to be a billion fascinating smells and she does tend to dilly dally, busy with her ongoing aroma investigations.

And wait ... there's more, the frosting on my big ol' delicious 3 layer cake. Back home to 29 Black Street to a dinner at my kitchen table of Chinese Food ! MLou brought with her a virtual buffet of my favourite Chinese food take out dishes and appetizers. I do lament often about the two things that I miss most about life in a tiny seaside village - going out to a movie and Chinese food. An absolutely perfect day with an absolutely perfect friend. Another big happy sigh. Time to go pour the guest a hot cup of java.


  1. What a glorious post, about life and friendship.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful day! Good friends, good food, good work. What a great way to get the spring and summer off to a good start. I was surprised to hear you don't have a Chinese food restaurant where you live! I thought EVERY town, no matter how small, had least one! Oh...and your photo? I've always called those "Jesus Rays" :-)

  3. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Do the two of you wanna come over and paint a room for me? ;)

  4. Lovely post. It really cpatures the feeling of day well spent with a good friend. Ahh.

    Take out Chinese and catching a movie--I just did that this weekend! I'll consider that a benefit of living her from henceforth!


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