ocean and pastures

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miss Winnie Dixon enjoying our morning walk

I love the colours in these photographs - the grey blue of the ocean and sky, the chocolate brown of the cliffs and shore edge, the white of the ice and the gold of the pastures. These photos are from a few days ago. Yesterday was an absolutely glorious sunshiny spring day and I did take lots more photos but just haven't had a chance to upload them yet.

So many things that I could do, should do, need to do, this weekend - the choices are endless . My head spins at the thought. I think my plan will be to do household things (a virtual plethora to choose from) until just after lunch when Miss Dixon and I will go to the golf course for our second walk. From 2pm on, I think I'll watch/listen to cooking shows on PBS. Yan Can Cook - visits China and America's Test Kitchen while I sort a years worth of receipts in my 2007 taxes accordion file folder. Sigh. I'll try and make an otherwise totally tedious monster job into something bearable, dare I say pleasant. And oh so rewarding when it's completed.

I have another dog illustration that I've enlarged from it's tiny pencil sketch that I would love to paint. Could I create a new illustration each week to post on my blog. What a fantastic goal that would be. For my new customer. Smile.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for all the artistic encouragement !

I am grateful, so grateful, that my dark heavy sadness is gradually and magically turning into big, wonderful memories filled up with love and appreciation, of the long and healthy life that I shared with my red dog - retriever extraordinaire - Jake.


  1. Oh oh oh....I think these photos are my favorites so far! SO gorgeous!!! My kind of palette. The closest thing we have in the midwest is driving straight out on I70 in the winter with the flat tan farmland and grey skies. And you have that wonderful chocolate brown. Perfect. I'll be back to peek at these some more....

  2. Good morning! I think we are going to have another brilliantly gorgeous day here too. I like the colors of your region also. Here, the contrast in the winter is of golden ground juxtaposed against Colorado's blazing cerulean skies.

    Susan, I love your illustration. So endearing! I have my fingers crossed for your book deal, and it seems to me that the beautiful whimsicality of your style plus your connections and history will guarantee you a book in the future. Your lettering is also cool. Did you use watercolor?

    The best part of your entry today is the comment about your deep, debilitating sadness changing into sweet memories of Jake.It is such a relief when this begins to happen. Though I still have moments when my mind clicks to the end of one of my pups' lives, and I cry like it was yesterday (Jake died 5 years ago), for the most part it is just the sweet memories that come to mind now. I made little art shrines to them and whenever I pass one, I smile.

    I have noticed lately that your entries have been much more upbeat. I am wondering if you think it has anything to do with your Eckhart Tolley project. (of course it just might be the diminishing of your sadness) I just began the book yesterday. I am fairly good at living in the moment for small blocks of time...but I need to become more accomplished at it to get through the next few months. I am going to do the webcast too. I think I will do one chapter, then its corresponding webcast.
    Have a wonderful day...cook something good!


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