Sunday, April 6, 2008

Miss Winnie Dixon back on an ice free beach again

It's just beginning to get light out this morning and the robins are busy outside my window and making lots of springtime chatter. Two crows are building a big nest in the top of the big pine tree just outside my guest room window. The ice is finally leaving the harbour. This week I will drop off my lawn mower, to get tuned up, cleaned and sharpened at the lawn mower care shop (anyone's who's been reading this blog awhile knows how attached I am to my red lawn mower - wink). It's time to begin picking up the branches that have blown to the ground, and raking and cleaning up the yard. The temperatures are much warmer, the furnace is off most of the time, and the wood stove is cold. I think spring is finally here.


  1. It is starting to look a bit more hospitable weather wise in your neck of the woods. Yesterday I had to turn my clock back, daylight saving time ended. Sigh. Im not ready to say goodbye to summer. Just about every blog i read is talking about spring! At least I will be able to experience an online spring and summer for the next half year : )

  2. Anya, I just read your comment from yesterday and YES definitely the Eckhart book has helped me so much. I found the first Chapter difficult but I skipped ahead and began the book with Chapter 2.

    I can't say enough about how fantastic this book is ... I just was talking on the phone with a friend that's reading the book along with me. Our Book Club for 2 and I was telling her that amongst the many, many differences I'm noticing already in myself the biggest and best is I'm so much nicer to myself and in so many ways... and with my grief, now, I'm allowing myself to cry and to miss and long for Jake because that comes from a place of pure love but I'm no longer feeling that hopeless sadness that had enveloped me, that I believe (now) is much more about my pain-body (Chapter 5 - and a total hum dinger).

    You'll have to keep me posted on what you think about the book and the podcasts. cheers, S.

  3. yeh.... attached to the lawn mower...hahahha...good one Susan...

    my lawn is still brown, crisp and dry... I noted a few teeeeensy weeny shoots of some Iris poking out from under the garden debris.... no "daffy dills" yet...I know there are some hiding under all the bark and leaves and other "stuff"..it'll be a while yet..

  4. Looks like you had a gorgeous sunny day like we did! My daffodils finally started to bloom today!! Our property is full of sticks and winter rubble, and since our tractor is also in the shop, the sticks will have to wait a bit. I agree, it did feel like spring today!

  5. We had a lovely weekend here, and it occurred to me that if I was in Nova Scotia it would have been the weekend we jumped in the car and took off to the cape to see if the ice was moving out yet. (Looking at Lake Ontario just doesn't have the same effect.) Thanks for the early spring glimpse of sea water...something I'm missing more than I thought I would. Hope the sun continues to shine for you.


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