thank you

Friday, April 25, 2008

an embroidery pattern pour vous

Thank goodness for this blog, this place where I can come each early morning with my coffee and speak my mind with complete honesty (to vent, to celebrate, to wonder or to bare my aching heart) and where I can document, with photographs the life I sometimes can't see myself. Your comments yesterday completely turned my day around, more than just my day ... helped me to turn a big corner. I have felt that this year could be a banner year for me and my creative skills, but I do become lost sometimes in overwhelm. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. I'm not sure how to imbed a PDF link in this blog but email me and I will send you the PDF file of my Spring Fling embroidery pattern. I think it would be great to combine appliqué with embroidery and maybe a few seed beads and little embellishments. Aimee Ray's wonderful illustrations for embroidery my inspiration.

I have a friend with x-ray vision, who sees only good and wonderful things when she looks at me ... the friend who called me day after day when Jake's life was coming to an end so that I didn't have to cry alone, the only friend brave and kind enough to really let me share my suffocating grief & sadness, and I honestly don't know how I would have survived the beginning few months of this year without her ... AND ... she's coming for the weekend !! She'll arrive this evening (she lives in the city - the one and only in Nova Scotia). She's coming to help me with painting and getting my office/studio into shape, we'll chat and paint, drink coffee and chat, and walk at the beach with my girl Winnie Dixon and chat. And I can't wait.

Yesterday basking in the comfort and kindness of your support I cleaned and purged, preparing my office space for the big transformation (I promise to take before and after photos). I went through things, sorting and filing and carted around a big bucket of sudsy water with eucalyptus and tea tree oils. Baking soda and vinegar. I listened to CBC radio, and scrubbed and vacuumed and then later in the day I cooked a bit. A big pot of chili and a hamburger, rice, lentil stew for my girl Miss Winn.

Well it's Friday again, and like an old Italian widow who wears black for a year - Friday is the day of the week that I celebrate on this blog (because you know I'm actually celebrating 24/7) my hero dog Jake and his best gal pal Emma Jane Louise ... incredible dogs and the best friends a girl could ask for. Here they are in the ocean with their sticks - Retriever Heaven. Love ya Em & Noodle dog !


  1. So good that your dear friend is coming for a visit. That is just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy yourselves and forget your worries for a few days! :)

  2. It makes me glad that you're getting the support you need, physical and emotional. I have the feeling 2008 could be a big year for me too, so here's to creativity and change! :^)


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