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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jake at the golf course last spring

Another dreamy polaroid. And many more sweet dreams of my big red dog.

I made the big trek to town yesterday. I had a few errands to do and I had a lunch date with a friend and colleague (she's also a self employed creative person) that I hadn't seen in ages. We had a great, long lunch and got somewhat caught up and made plans to get together again soon. Home again to spins and twirls and mad wet kisses from Winnie Dixon, who spends the entire time that I'm gone curled up on my bed, safe and sound and snug in my scent. She and I hopped in the car and had a late afternoon long walk through our windy pastures.

A raccoon visited my bedroom windowsill in the wee hours of the night. He or she climbed up the vine that grows on this old brick house. The meaning of raccoon in animal medicine -

Raccoon is our comical friend of the dream world. His hands have great dexterity, and raccoon uses them to get himself into all kinds of mischief. His gifts are imagination, inventiveness and intelligence, for raccoon is an amazing problem solver. Raccoon is the perpetual student. The key is to love learning, and raccoon teaches us to observe life with an innate sense of curiosity. Thus, raccoon fully understands a situation before taking action.


  1. I am envious of your great windy pastures with vast skies!

    Did you have the cheeseburger platter in town? One of your previous blogs made me so hungry for one that I had cheeseburgers two nights in a row last week! :P

    We also have raccoons, they don't often wake me, but sometimes have a little nocturnal party on the roof!

  2. Excuse that little blurb.
    I was testing my google user name. Sometimes for apparently no reason it disappears and I have to remember it. My computer had to go the the Mac Clinic for a week. I'm sooo glad to have it back. I caught up and read all your entries for while I was gone. You took some beautiful pictures. It surely looks wintery there. Here in the high Rockies in Colorado, we had a wonderful melt last week, the deer returned to the high country and the mountain blue birds are investigating my bird houses for their summer brood. That always makes me kind of sad because I know they won't be able to persevere once the bold violet green swallows arrive, probably in the next two weeks. The swallows swoop the bird houses for hours while the brave little blue birds sit atop the houses protecting their claims. I think after several days they just get tired and give up. Of course, I never mind having the swallows. They are exquisitely beautiful.
    So there you go with a little mother nature report from 9,000 feet. (We will still have more snow this month, however.)

  3. I'm glad you had good dreams of Jake, it sounds like you had a good day. :) I adore raccoons, they're so smart and cute. Reading Anya's comment, I think I need to live somewhere with more wildlife.

  4. Occasionally these raccoons also make it up to my rooftop. In general I love all animals but I must say living with a terrier mix, Miss Dixon, I don't really like the raccoons hangin' around. I'm so afraid that they'll accidently get into the dog yard and one early morning when it's still dark I'll let herself out and ... well it would not be good.

    I once had to go into the ocean in January, fully clothed in parka and mitts, up to my knees because she decided she was going to tangle with a seal. She can become a bit crazed. She can't help it she's got terrier blood.

    Lovely Anya to have an update from the mountains ... we were wondering where you'd been. Smile.

    Can you escape J. ? Even temporarily, to the country, hang with some wildlife ? It's why I'm still here, that plus the peace and quiet and space...


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