the big rock

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winnie in her spot on The Big Rock

Our walk each morning, now that the ice is gone, consists of a stroll down a dead end road, a walk down the cottage lane, through the field to the lighthouse, down the red clay cliff to The First Beach, where we stroll along and collect beach glass, shells and worn shards of floral pottery and smooth round pebbles of wood. Then we round a rocky point, another pebbled beach, a stretch of big rocks we climb over especially if the tide is full and we arrive at The Back Shore.

At The Back Shore there is a giant washed up log for us to sit on and the grassy lane, which runs down between the pasture and the small woods (where the Blue heron's nest in summer) ends here, just up from the log which sits at the top of a sandy beach which is perfect for swimming in summer.

Then we round another rocky point, this one leads out to sea to form a crescent reef that is exposed at low tide and a popular haunt for the fat seals to sun themselves. And this rocky point sits at the bottom of more red clay cliffs that lead up to The Bayberry & Wild Rose Pasture, a favourite overgrown field that wet dogs (especially my Noodle dog) love to roll in after a morning swim. We often climb the cliff in summer so that we can stand at the top scrunching leaves of bayberry between our fingers and holding the crushed leaves up to our nose, smelling that wonderful smell of summer and we stand in the overgrown pasture looking out over two beaches and a reef, big rolling pastures, the small woods and our most heavenly place.

Then onto the final beach which we call The Back Back Shore, when the tide is low sand bars stretch out far into the straight and are dotted with shallow tide pools which in summer are filled with tiny hermit crabs. This beach is another that is perfect for beach combing, we're always on the look out for tiny jewels of beach glass or beautiful smooth striped rocks. Our final destination sits at the end of this beach, just before another very rocky section of shoreline. We always stop and sit for awhile at The Big Rock. After we've sat awhile, often just Winn & I, we head back, we retrace our route and our footsteps all the way back to the car. And that's our morning walk.

yesterday as we sat on our rock the sky was beautiful


  1. Enjoyed the morning walk with you and Winnie. She looks very prim and proper in the first photo. :)

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your morning walk.. it looks lovely, the clouds are beautiful, and Miss Winnie looks rather majestic on her rock.
    I am still enjoying the beach glass you sent me several months ago.

  3. My gosh, Susan, you're killing me! Your daily walk is the one I dream of. As I think I've mentioned to you, I'm trying to think of a new place to move sans entire former life. I am so drawn to the Oregon or Washington coast but am uncertain about the dreary winter weather. You have the same up there, but you don't mention rain much. I assume you get more winter snow than rain. The more I read of your wandering, the more I tell myself, "just go for it. I can always leave."Of course I know you are thinking of leaving, but is that not more an issue with the isolation of your home? I'm guessing your winter is more like a Maine winter? The perfect place for me would be Colorado by the sea.
    That lemon bread looked so goood and Miss Winnie is just a little sweetie. Your photos have been wonderful lately. By the way, if you would like to see my pups, try flickr again. First plug in anya's way as before..but then, go up and click "people" in the bar near the top of the next page. My brief photo log should come up mostly just pups. That seems kind of convoluted to me...seems you should be able to select "people" on the first page!
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Anya I was finally able to view your photos. How lovely I especially love the dog beach photo - happy in the moment joyful dogs and that Oregon coast how spectacular, actually the whole west coast of the US seems beautiful. And so nice to see a photo of your soul mate dog Jake. I miss my Jake so much still, I feel like a part of me will never get over saying goodbye to him and I do still feel lost without him.

    Perhaps you've thought of having a blog yourself ? I am so grateful that I have these words and images documenting my life since July 13 07 because sometimes I go back and read and look at the images and it's like it's somebody else's life ... except that I know that it's my life. It's strange, but in a good way.


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