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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bits of lovely colourful & very thoughtful things

I received a package yesterday at the post office, a beautifully decorated box which had the girls at the counter oohing & aahing (and I do love to cause a buzz at the post office, be it a new hair cut or tres exciting mail). A new found blogging friend Anya, someone who visits this blog regularly and comments often, sent me a package of goodies.

Inside a lovely note and photographs of her beloved dogs all of whom have gone to dog heaven. She too had a soul mate dog named Jake that she's mentioned often in her comments. Her comments during my Jake's decline and death and those awful days soon after were always comforting, words I needed and wanted to hear, over and over. Tears on tissue paper, tears of feeling touched by such an act of random kindness and giving and tears of sadness remembering that so many others also have a big ache in their hearts from missing and longing for, their own best friends.

Lots of goodies spilled out of a box lovingly decorated with flowers and birds and interesting postage stamps. Embroidery floss and sweet tiny felted wool balls which Oliver & Gussie felt sure were for them. Those darn kittens insisted on helping me open the parcel, making tunnels and caves in crumpled bright tissue. Also a package of lovely smelly stuff for my bath, piles of beautiful patterned tissue paper to add to my collection, a CD of favourite girls music and a book by Sarah Ban Breathnach - Romancing the Ordinary. Right up my alley, it's a book absolutely chock full of simple pleasures. Thank you Anya !

My big fat black cat Bleet has just joined me up on my desk and I must pause here for some mad hard patting and rubbing and in return I'll get loads of loud purrs and sweet kitten kisses.


  1. What a lovely care package of goodies! So thoughtful.

  2. You made my package look so pretty with your photo and your comments made my day. I will respond to your sweet email later today. This is not going to be such a good day for the entry in your blog was especially nice.

  3. what a great day.... the colours are lovely ... what a wonderful surprise...

  4. So wonderful! I might have to find a copy of that book..."Romancing the Ordinary" sounds great, as long as it's not too frou-frou.


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