Friday, April 11, 2008

another self portrait polaroid of me and my hero dog Jake

I have managed to creep out of the deep pit of sadness I plunged into after the death of my amazing hero dog Jake. That desperate kind of sadness that makes you want to be somewhere else, anywhere else, up floating on a cloud or tucked away in the nest of down and flannel ... no people, no responsibilities, just endlessly lost somewhere with him.

Tears are streaming down my face as I type this, but they're no longer desperate tears, they're tears of love, of longing for him, and of memories and gratefulness. I am so lucky that he found me, that he ended up here at 29 Black Street and that he lived his long and always exuberant life by my side.

I love that dog so much. I'm in absolute awe of how big that love is and I hope I always will be. I love you Noodle.


  1. Awww. That noodle had such a sweet face. What great memories you have...I'm feeling sad for you today. (I love that the photo is slightly off focus...gives such a nice soft quality)

  2. Susan, I'm so glad that your tears are no longer desperate tears. How sweet is that!

  3. Here's to big ol' Jake!! I'm putting a shot of Tia Maria in my coffee and toasting the Noodle. What an amazing "run" he had.... actually the two of you had it together...
    My throat tightens and my eyes tear up just thinking of what a special time it was for both of you and probably for the other dogs in his life. Every time I see a pic of Winnie looking wistfully out to sea I wonder if she is half expecting him to swim in with a big stick....
    Here's to the whole gang at Black Street .....

  4. From one dog-owner to another....I sympathize in your tremendous, tremendous loss. I know how deep and how strong that love goes. I can't even imagine what you are going through right now...my heartfelt condolences on your beautiful dog.

  5. There are still many times when I feel overcome almost with missing him ... I think I hear him when I've forgotten that he's no longer here with us, or when Winn and I walk alone at the beach these glorious spring mornings and he's not walking beside us. A summer ahead of us with no Senior Retriever Trials in Deep Water - he was a stick fetching machine, my Noodle dog ... a one in a million and the love of my life.

    Thank you Vee for the lovely toast. Winn and I smile thinking of you toasting our boy with Tia Maria in your coffee. Thank you also Lavinia for your kind comment - dogs lives are far too short - but oh how in that short life, they give us so, so much love.


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