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Thursday, April 3, 2008

L'il man, Mr. Mr. or Gussie Gus - my perfect little tabby ocelot cat

Gus is nearly 2 and something has come over him recently. He's not so much the Mr. Aloof cat anymore and he visits me regularly throughout the day at my desk. Lots of soft purring and much bumping and rubbing his body up against mine, his version of the pat or snuggle. He still prefers to not be picked up. But I'm noticing a marked increase in affection from this little guy. As I type this he and his partner in crime, Oliver, have had a bite to eat and have cranked it up for round 1 of mad kitten derby. Up and down the stairs, pinging off furniture, lots of mid air leaps and crashes and general kitten fun. If you ever are considering adopting a kitten, get two together - it's just the best. And actually so much easier, not to mention all the giggles.

I took a photo of my lunch yesterday (honey ham, Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese melted under the broiler on an "everything" bagel with red pepper, sweet onion, avocado and baby arugula and organic baby carrots to munch with) because it did look so delicious and colourful and healthy and Willowmanor has mentioned that reading my blog makes her hungry. Smile. In my quest for an all around way more conscious life, food and eating is another area for me that needs some work, to say the least. I've been watching this 5 part series with Paul McKenna on TLC. No more dieting, but developing conscious eating habits. His 4 golden rules. Brilliant in their simplicity. 1. eat only when you're hungry (not just because it's a meal time) 2. eat what you want, no forbidden foods 3. eat without distractions (a big one for me I'm either watching TV or reading a magazine), and consciously. Put your knife and fork down, chew slowly, savour, set the table, light a candle ... really enjoy what you are eating. And I might also add, be grateful for the abundance of food that we have. And finally 4. stop when you're full or think you might be full. Leftovers are OK, cleaning the plate is not necessary. If you find yourself hungry 20 mins later go back to 1. and eat when you're hungry. It all makes so much sense. And fits in perfectly with the basic theme of Eckhart's book which is to be in the present ... in the now.

I listened to two 90 min podcast classes from Oprah and Eckhart Tolle's New Earth yesterday. I can't say enough about how fantastic this course is ... and it's come, magically, at the perfect time in my life, when I had been feeling so sad & lost. Hopeless.

More baroque flourishes with cherubs and stylized roses on the drawing table this morning. Lunch out with a friend, two long walks with my best girlfriend Winn and this afternoon and early evening a bit of housecleaning. Sneer. Sigh. Somebody's gotta do it ...

Off to bubbles with lavender and eucalyptus.


  1. Mmmm a summery looking lunch.

    Will you show us some of your design work - jewelery, illustrations or whatever? I realise you might not be able to show your work in progress, but maybe some older pieces? Im curious! You are always so busy drawing and painting and i can only imagine what it may look like!

  2. That is a beautiful picure of Gus...wonderful eyes! He reminds me of my long gone Muff, who had similar stripes but long haired. He was also aloof, but also very gentle. And a great hunter who kept the mice at bay.

    Fun to see your lovely lunch!! Okay...that made me hungry, too. :D

    I'm making a note of McKenna's golden rules! ;)

  3. ps~~yes, do show us some of your work!

  4. I agree your meals always sound delicious. But, it's those fragrant bubble baths that capture my interest. I'm a shower type, but the way you mention your bubbles like they are the most luxurious, sensual things in the world makes me think about a change!

  5. I agree with you about having more than one cat. They are fun to watch aren't they? I would also like to see some of your work.

  6. awwww.... look at Gus...what a beautiful face!

    sounds like my own theory on eating and food... I have no set mealtimes... mostly prepare supper for somewhere around 6 for Greg ..don't want to eat later as there is not enough time for digesting before bedtime if he eats later as he hits the sack by about 9:30

    in the summer I munch crackers out of the box;yogurt out of the container.. maybe an apple or banana.. as I wander around outside doing my gardening, cuz I get too dirty to go in the lose my 5 lbs. of winter pudge in the first two weeks of gardening season.

    tx for worrying...I am fine... yep, caught upin holding boards, painting and doing errands, getting some bills paid..etc...and trying to figure out how to get the right size head for my poor pink bunny. I am working on the 5th damn head and not one is the same size! Wool with a stretch to it is sooooo much more difficult than mohair fabric!! Think I finally got it last night...we will see when I get it stuffed.

    oh, and hey..if you want somebody for a guinea pig for some embroidery or fun stuff... pick me! I'll give it a go for you.

  7. I guess I don't show more of my work because technically I can't reveal the stuff I'm currently working on and then by the time I could show it ... well by then it's old hat.

    I have over the months included some of my illustrations sprinkled throughout this blog and I would be happy to show more. In fact was an original goal of this blog.

    I will try and post some of work, starting tomorrow, at least once a week. Maybe all of you will help me with my struggles with my own personal work/projects. An audience and incentive to get some new, all mine, Etsy ready things created.

    Anya ...I am such a bath person and such a scent person. I love bubbles and I love essential oils and adding little drops of this and that to my morning bath. This morning I moved a dog bed into the bathroom so that Miss Dixon can hang out with me while I loll in my bubbles. Smile


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