lobster season

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bleet loves Winnie Dixon

The two of them yesterday afternoon on my still as yet unpainted studio floor. This weekend I'll get the floors painted and then begin the moving in of the proper studio/office furniture. A new to me, hand me down, giant vintage teak office desk. Sigh. from BFF Harry. Loads of drawers and a big beautiful work surface, another old plywood topped table, the kind with folding metal legs, also painted glossy black so that I'll have another big surface to spread out on if need be- read pile stuff on - ne pas ! I will not do that. My new white closet awaits becoming the centre for all things filing and printing and supplying. Soon very soon, two rooms in this big old brick house, two out of nine (and that's counting the downstairs powder room) will be finished. Dare I say those words finished. Big huge sigh.

There is some serious high speed kitten action going on as I type this. Gus & Oliver are so funny. They're thumping up and down the stairs and squealing around corners in their mad we're up, we've eaten and now it's time to burn off some of that stored kitten energy. Smile.

Today was supposed to be the first day of lobster season, here in our little village, but it's been postponed by one day because of windy conditions. This is the day that early, early outside my office window, 4:30 am or so the convoy of 8-10 boats would trail out of the harbour for the first time this year. The first day is the day they spend placing their traps so this initial first trip out their boats are precariously laden down with piles of traps and the chance for tipping in strong winds is much increased - hence for safety reasons the postponement. The traps are large wire baited boxes, that once lured inside the lobster then can't get back out of. Pretty humane - at least the capture part is. I wish I could say that I loved to eat lobster but I don't. I may have a lobster roll sometime over the summer season and really enjoy it. However, legions around these parts having been licking their lips for days, anxiously awaiting that first giant feed of lobster. Boiled 'til crimson red and plunked on a plate, bib and claw crackers in hand, melted butter to dip in near by and the requisite vat of home made potato salad and warm rolls the finishing touch. La Lobster Feed.

my big fat Nessy cat sprawled out near his dog Winn


  1. I can't wait to see your finished office. It will be a haven for creativity, I'm sure. What color are you going to paint the floor?

    Okay...you are making me hungry again. Lobster, potato salad, warm bread...ahhh.

  2. Hi Willow,
    The walls are a taupe brown and all the trim and doors creamy white and the floors (eventually the entire upstairs, 3 bedrooms and a big sunny hallway/library space will be a glossy black - enamel paint).

  3. I do like lobster, but don't eat it often due to sympathy and expense. I didn't realize just how big your old house is, that is a lot of upkeep for one person.

  4. Wow.... Winnie almost looks small compared to such a big cat! lol...

    Can't say I would go to lengths to eat lobster either....can't even remember when I last had some. Years ago....

  5. I love those photos! I am such cat person, though I love dogs as well. I am sure your office will look lovely.

    Girl you need to come down to the Florida Keys for Lobster season.

  6. Miss Dixon weighs around 62 lbs so...
    the Bleetness has got to be 25 lbs +

    - he's my fat black chiclet cat. smile.

  7. Ah lobster. One of life's pleasures. One of the things I remember most about my year in Halifax (2006) was discovering that, during the season, the lobster fishers and their friends and families got to eat lobster till it was coming out their ears. One guy I chatted with used to have lobster for breakfast regularly. Here's this simple fisherman eating like a king! Gotta love it :-)

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