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Thursday, July 2, 2009

hooray! a creperie in our little summer village

la parade - not enough pipe & drum bands for my liking

I'm back to the nest this early morning with my coffee & Miss D
resting up for Day 2 of home reno adventures with MLou, Missy J & L.
flooring is coming along beautifully - it looks stunning - photos soon


  1. Looks like great fun. I just love pipe bands - childhood in a Scottish regiment and all that.

    And I love crepes......hope you had some?

  2. Susan, I enjoy seeing the photos of your village in holiday mode. Charming floats, majestic horses, people with flags and balloons. I loved the video. My heart swells when I see and hear the pipers.

  3. man. a creperie! what is WRONG with my city? jaysus you get crepes and i get chili dogs. help! love the parade. love it. i will take photos at our 4th this saturday. yay!

  4. Such beautiful black horses!! And a bee?!!!

    We are planning to take Edward and Apple to a sunflower festival out of town on our 4th. If it is not tooo hot.

    Wishing you a lovely day, Susan!

  5. It all looks like so much fun! DO enjoy yourselves! I am envious as I BAKE down here in Dallas!

  6. Great photo's Susan!

    I have a creperie just a block away...very dangerous. The deserts are rich and wonderful!

    Have wonderful weekend ♥

  7. Thanks for the pipe and drum link dear Susan. You set me off on a very enjoyable path, from your suggested link of 700 pipers and drummers in Calgary,I took myself off to 1,000 pipers at Hunter Mountain, to 10,000 pipers at Isla St. Clair. Quite the journey, every minute fun! Our big pageant in Adelaide, South Australia is the Christmas one, although when I lived in small country towns we had similar to those you photographed. I loved the way the children were involved- and it made me smile in this pipe and drum selection too.


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