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Sunday, July 12, 2009

perfect fringed purple poppies - a favourite if mine

a long early morning walk on the beach with Winnie Dixon • a quick trip to the grocery store, before all the mad busyness of Saturday summer people weekend shopping erupts. Beach cover ups and flip flops and carts laden with cottage food • bedding stripped from the nest with the most excellent help of kittens Gussie & Oliver • loads of laundry done and hung out on the line to dry • dishes done and sweeping of stunning new chocolate floors • hamburger patties made to grill later on my little red charcoal BBQ • Deb & Maggy Sue (Winnie's best girlfriend and golden retriever) arrive with belated birthday wishes, smiles and wags • we sat for a bit in my new living room and oohed and ahhed at the gorgeousness of it all • then off to the park for ice cream cones (dark chocolate shiver & peanut butter fudge crunch in a waffle cone - go big or stay home another of this girl's favourite mottos) we all sat for a spell on a bench in the sun overlooking our sparkling harbour • in the park we were introduced to a very handsome 12 year old retriever named Brody, Miss D boldly rushed up and gave him a kiss on the lips and both our hearts ached a little, he reminded us so much of our big red dog and best friend - Jake • another long walk along the harbours edge and down onto the crescent beach where Maggie Sue and Miss D splashed and played in the water • home to 29 Black and goodbyes out at the curb to our friends who are off on a 12 day camping trip • a very tiny bit of drawing (sigh) at the teak topped desk, followed by an hour laying on the bed in the guest room in a big patch of sunlight with a warm breeze blowing in over me - just laying there, thinking of nothing, nothing but summer • up again and puttering and lighting the BBQ, bringing laundry in from the line in a big wicker basket, holding each pillow case up to my face for a moment and breathing in deeply that perfect scent of sun and wind and freshness before folding and smoothing each one • later a lovely long telephone chat with my favourite nephew Michael • and finally to bed with my book, crawling into heavenly white cotton sheets crisp and clean and smelling perfectly of a summer's day.


working today at the little gift & home decor store - my summer shift is every second week I'll work a Sunday afternoon & all day Monday


  1. Washing dried on a line smells of fresh air in a way that really is impossible to describe, doesn't it!

  2. Lovely fresh photos. I can smell those heavenly sun dried sheets all the way from WM.

  3. I so love your photos...sigh...I always feel like I'm right there. :) You have a fabulous day! xo Pam

  4. I love these photos, too. Makes us feel we are there with you. Beautiful blue sky, sheets billowing in the breeze...
    Sweet moment with Brody getting a kiss from shy Miss D.

  5. I hung out my sheets yesterday too!
    I couldn't wait to jump in that sweet smelling, cool crisp bed last night. It was barely dark when I donned my sun-dried jammies,
    grabbed my book and nestled in!
    You are living the good life with the les gang at 29, Susan! xoxo:)

  6. Sounds absolutely perfect Susan. Glad the sunshine has returned for you.

  7. Nothing better than visiting and wagging tails!
    Wags to All.

  8. Susan, you make everything sound magical! Truly you surprise me every time with the way you can just take any thing and make it lyrical! I'm in awe of your talent. I'm so happy you got your floors and sunshine-filled sheets! I feel like if we lived in the same locale, much less country, we'd be the best of friends.

  9. Wouldn't it be fun if we all lived next door? I miss doing things together...taking the sheets in, and cooking the hamburgers. You have so many friends across the way who would love to come over. I think blogs are such a good way to communicate, but id would be so good to see your chocolate floor "in person." I love those curtains blowing...and the flowers. They are just unfurling there. Ours are trying to survive the heat. I hope your work days go well. It is a shame they don't need Miss Winnie to work. She would be the best decoration the shop could have. When will MLou be back? I know you miss her. When my sister leaves, I go into mourning. Have a good day!

  10. Beautiful pictures.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  11. Your photo shots of the purple poppies are INCREDible! Wow! So beautiful.

    PS I now have two books that I am working on reading!

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo


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