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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bonjour 50

And oh my, what a birthday it's been...

You will be inspired to go above and beyond your usual limits over the coming 12 months and the more others say you don't stand a chance the more determined you will be to prove them wrong. You'll amaze them, and yourself, by how much you achieve. If today is your Birthday - New York Post - I say bring it on !

My birthday July 7th, my big birthday was really celebrated yesterday with my favourite people in the world. The kind and loving dynamic duo of MLou & L. (and their sweet Wheaten girl Jigs) the amazing floor installing, halogen desk lamp fixin', bent old radiator beautifying, birthday cake bearing, laugh til we snort, heart and soul lifting team of two. They brought with them, in their caravan of goodness, all the tools required to make this newly turned 50 year old girl feel safe, loved, thrilled, content and comforted. A pretty amazing raft of feelings for such a large and potentially ify day. Not to mention all the slip sliding around I'll be doin' in my sock feet (Rachel) and lying down (avec les Chats) on my new gleaming, smooth gorgeous chocolatey brown floors - just 'cause I can. My new spare, spacious, clean, clutter free ... and beautiful home. Merci most excellent elves. Merci !!!

Mama's worn out and kinda tired from all the excitement and must get herself in la groove. Two big new & challenging projects begin today here at the teak topped desk. I'm off to the lands and Hey Missy D are ya ready for a walk in the park ?

more snippets of elves, Miss J, chocolate cake goodness and more chocolate


  1. Muah Dahling! Muah!
    Happy 50th Ms. S!
    Have a grand day!
    Lotsa love bein' sent your way on this very special day!


  2. Birthday greetings, Susan. You share a special day with my mom. What a lovely gift you have in your friends and your floors are scrumptious!

    Someday I hope to install something similiar in my little moneypit. Do you suppose I could borrow your elves??? Wouldn't they love to come to Northern Ontario...?

    All the best to you!

  3. Happy happy birthday, Susan! Have a blast!

  4. Happy birthday! Happy floor-sliding! Wonderful results - just the thing to start you off on another 50 years of the Adventure.....

  5. Happy Birthday! Wear out a pair of socks - the floor looks fabulous, and so do your elves. :) xo Pam

  6. happy birthday!!! this will be a very good year. and i love the colors you painted. just as soft and lovely as a home can be. im glad you have projects. rejoice!!

  7. Happy 50th Susan!! What a wonderful way to spend the day with such fine company! Sending love and good wishes your

  8. Happy Birthday Susan...woot woot shake your booty. Birthdays are grand. Happy 50th..youve come a long way baby!!!

    Smiles and hugs
    Sonia ;)

  9. Happy 50th, dear bloggy friend!!! Lots of love from Willow Manor to Black Street. Enjoy your day!

    (Speaking of, Black Street is lookin' mighty fine! Love seeing MLou and L, and that luscious orange fleece she's wearing.)

  10. Happy, happy Birthday, Susan!!! Edward, Apple and I wish you the loveliest of days. And just think, Christie Brinkley is about 5 whole years older than you!!!! And, she always will be.

    By the way, the shots of 29 Blk St look amazing!!

  11. Well!!! You certainly know how to enjoy "this potentially ify" that phrase. I confess, my own day where I said "hola 50" but would have prefered "adios" was looked at sideways for most of the day where I attempted to avoid overt celebration. I told my loved ones..."do not do anything! We can celebrate Thanksgiving...that's enough" see, my birthday is the 26 of November...

    I had a wonderful time at a friends country house where I downplayed my birthday.

    Then we moved on to our second was late when we arrived...and it turned out that they wanted to give me a surprise party. I ruined it by arriving so late. What a mess!

    I wanted to look sideways at my 50th but the universe said..."Hey, Cynthia, you are 50, Celebrate!!!"

  12. Oh and I love your new floors...they look yummie! <3

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday, my dearest Susan! I hope this wonderful day keeps your spirits lit up for all the days and weeks ahead as you move forward on your quest to find another place in the world to hang your hat!

    Love the floors and walls! Tres


  14. Happy Birthday, sweet sweet Susan!! Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  15. Happy Birthday Susan, so glad it was a good one. I thought you were turning 40!

  16. Happy Birthday! May God Bless you with innumerable days to celebrate and you and your family stay blessed and happy!
    Loved your blog..enjyed the cake..looked ammmmazn:) Keep postn!

  17. Happy Birthday.
    I HAD hoped that the US Postal system had done their part BUT NOOOOO!
    50??? Holy shi,.....shoosh.

    Here's to a great year and an even better decade!!
    Your floors look gorgeous and that cake heavenly.
    Best Wishes, Shelagh xo

  19. sounds like an amazing day. Happy belated B'day, btw.I love hw clean you've laid out everything now. Whoa.

  20. oh, great....I go away for a week...and miss all the fun!! and all the cake and, I have to read a lot to catch up.!! my eyes are too droopy tonight..but just have to say... Happy Belated Susan!!!!!!


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