Saturday, July 25, 2009

a perfect summer pasture like a giant modern painting

Those who dwell among the beauties
and the mysteries of the earth

are never alone or weary of life

Rachel Carson

green grass and golden hay
a big sky with perfect cloud ships sailing slowly by
only the sounds of the wind and insects busy
the most perfect spot to lay, hidden awhile
away from it all ... just me and my girl
we are happily lost here ... in this place

2. more green and gold and daisies 3. Winnie Dixon wading in still waters, ocean and sky meld into a lost horizon 4. the most amazing little flowers that begin as tight tiny pink balls and gradually unfurl into these complicated frayed beauties 5. complex and beautiful other small worlds exists here - if you pause to take notice 6. Queen Anne's lace, tall and beautiful is blooming everywhere - their blooms a sign of summer's waning.


  1. WOW ! Those are so beautiful!Nature is the best artist of all!
    xoxo to the les gang!

  2. breathtakingly gorgeous. just what i've come to expect when i visit your blog, susan. love your words "we are happily lost here . . .in this place". that's how i feel about my art room and plan to spend the day relishing my time here today!

  3. EXQUISITE!!!! and breathtakingly so!

    Happy, languid weekend!

  4. Such a wise quotation from dear Rachel. Sort of my life philosophy!

    And Susan, you are truly a talented photographer! Such beauty so perfectly captured. And frameable!!

    Edward, Apple and I wish you a wonderful Saturday!

  5. thank you for the images ...every single one...

  6. Every photo made me sigh and realize how good life is. Thank you...

  7. Wonderful...I could just sit in that meadow for the longest time. :)

  8. These photos are absolutely amazing! I recently posted about queen anne's lace on my blog, too. Don't you just love how it's pink at first? So pretty.

  9. So lovely..... your photographs just get better and better.

    BTW, my country friend calls Queen Anne's Lace 'Old Man's Baccy".

  10. esp. love that second image. makes me feel light adn carefreee in the summer breeze. ty for your blog always lifting me up in some way. i so love it.


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