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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miss D curled up in her big look out chair in the upstairs hallway

Hello July ! • thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes ... • I'm trying to get myself back in a working groove once again • yesterday afternoon, I totally goofed off - I rested and relaxed Hey ! it was my birthday • a spell of sunshiny days stretches ahead of us after days and days of unsettled thunder and rain and stormy clouds racing across the harbour toward us • I've been walking around this old brick house in my bare feet because I can ... wink • the local strawberries are in season and that means shortcake with real whipped cream and I'll make a small batch of freezer jam to have spread on toast in the dead of winter.

and my fav horoscope for all you other Cancer birthday girls

love her more than words can say

singing this song while Missy D and I walked last evening down to the crescent beach. Hooray Neil !


  1. lovely shots of miss winnie d! she is a precious soul. happy belated birthday!! i'm so behind on my blog reading. enjoy those strawberries.

  2. Susan, a belated Happy Birthday!
    I'm trying to catch up, things have been hectic around here!
    Give the gang a fat puppy hug from Hoss and Duke!

  3. Beautiful!
    Belated birthday wishes to you..

    and that song is one of my favs

    Peace -Rene

  4. Happy belated birthday from me too, Susan! I'm sorry I missed the day... so, may I wish you a happy second day of your new decade?
    Looks like a good year ahead for us Cancer girls! I hope yours is the best!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Oh you are a Cancer! No one more lovable and sweet in this world than Cancerians!

  6. Hey, which reminds me, I'm behind on my Cancer post!

    I watched Longford last night and you're right, it was excellent!!

  7. Oh Winnie - such a sweet face :) Happy Birthday Susan!

  8. Oh Winnie.
    I do so love your face.
    So does Edward, your long-distance admirer.
    Your mother is so fortunate to share her life with you.

  9. I am so excited about your beautiful floors. Do you have more pictures?

    And Winnie looks so thoughtful. Do you think she knows she is going to move?

    Also, happy belated birthday!

    And I have to have some of that freezer jam now. We never get very many good local berries. They go in a flash. I guess that is why they are so good. Beautiful pictures!


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