Thursday, December 3, 2009

heart shaped pewter hanging photo frame avec script and cameo

designed by me, oh maybe 10 years ago when I worked for a big pewter giftware company.

Hey ! it's gift away time.

I've been wanting to give away a few of my product design samples for ages and today I'm finally getting around to my first Gift Away - this frame measures 5.25 h x 3.5 w and the photo opening is tiny 1.75 x 1.75. The frame itself is cast pewter and as you see by the design I've been collage -ing over the years, wherever possible. Always trying to mix patterns and textures in a design and Hey ! if I can throw in a little typography, well all the better ! This heart shape frame hangs on the wall with a piece of dark grey organza ribbon and it can be yours. Just leave a comment here between now and Sunday midnight and Monday morning I'll let Oliver do the honours and pick a name and (with a big ol' wink to B Shamu and my pal Rachel who understand what it's like to wait, and wait ...and wait on Black Street) I will mail* this prize in 2009 - promise. Isn't it terrible that the girl who organizes these darn swaps turns out to be the all time Miss Tardy Pants. Sigh ... Guilty !

Oh yeah ! and I made a petite little collage for the frame with a quote from my recent, distant past that I have loved - and ehhhh hmmmmm a quote that now has had a brand new, knock-me-over-with-a-feather-then-pick-me-up-again-please, meaning. Wink. From my pal Kahlil - who sure did say so many right on things. Of course you can remove la petite collage and replace it with a tiny photo of your own much loved, person, dog, cat, fish, bacon etc ...

Love is trembling happiness

Kahlil Gibran

here's another that I found this morning that I love also. Ahhhh that darn affinity.

It is wrong to think that love comes from
long companionship and persevering courtship.
Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity
and unless that affinity is created in the moment,
it will not be created for years or generations.

Kahlil Gibran

I'm a very lucky gal ... 'cause affinity R'Us

The cowboy's halfway home already, he's driving like a crazy man, sleepin' by the side of the road and calling me from gas stations along the way every 4 or 5 hours. He expects to be home tomorrow morning. Have I mentioned I love him ? I adore him. I'm totally gone, mad and crazy for him and I cannot wait for this weekend when we begin the big ol' blending of our two lives.

and don't I sound a little chipper this morning ? Off to the lands of bubbles & scent.

*will mail worldwide ... so if you live far away comment please.


  1. Tell that man to get enough sleep!!! I can't even think about him being a drowsy driver. Love the quote and all the new light being shone on it.

    xo mlou

  2. Never mind the lurve, the philosophy, or the general bliss, Susan, just let me win that heart! Wouldn't it be perfect for a small picture of a New Ginger Kitten????

    From Ms Superficial x

  3. Love the heart frame Susan. You are so talented. There's a very special person in my life who would love to receive this.

    How many more sleeps?

    Penny (a fellow blue-noser)

  4. My mom thinks I would look Swell in that frame! She has plans for your design too.
    Tail Wags to All.

  5. I love the quote about love being a spiritual affinity! I can't believe the cowboy will be home tomorrow! Bess must surely be a good dog to travel so well. I love the heart of pewter. Maybe I will win it!

  6. Hey MLou, didn't know you and I were part of the same club? Do we get membership cards?

    Girl, that frame is incredibly beautiful. I'm not saying that because I want one but because I like giving credit where credit is due. There's a reason why the TTD is rocking right now. Just accept it.

  7. I'll throw my hat into the ring for the give-away. What a lovely little treasure.

    Safe travel, cowboy!

  8. Hey! I have always been partial to pewter, and I am obsessed with the idea of collage! Mixing patterns and designs intrigues me; I am still trying to get a handle on how to handle the materials. Wish I had gone to art school, too.

  9. Oh, I sure hope Oliver picks my name. I love it!

  10. Well, Susan, I've read through all the posts I've missed since last time I lounged here by your Teak topped desk. After this i will go back and smatter comments throughout as i tend to do. One big splurge kind of guy here. Have to be that way when hosting a big XMAS blog Tea party. It was so much fun. I fell totally exhausted like it was all so real. Well, indeed it was n the heart and mind. Very.

    As is your love here. Very. Sweet. Energizing. bubbling over. What can i say but tres magnifique! I don't have any one presently to give tis pendent to and cant really see myself wearing it so please, if my name is pulled, I'd like to give it to number 2 on the list! :) It is absolutely exquisite, mind you. Waht a lvely give away!!

    Speaking of give aways....your heart is pounding back in those posts I left behind. I must go and resonate along with you there....

    I am so excited to read of this next chapter and your intermingling of your two lives to one. Sigh......

  11. Can I also admire the photo itself? Beautiful.

  12. Hey Merci !! B. (for the photo compliment) it's that darn late in the day setting sunlight in the chocolate brown guest room.

  13. Oh Susan! I love that heart! And that sweet little description of love makes me think of every single little (or big!)furry wiggling wonderful body that wagged
    a tail at me over the years. Trembling happiness INDEED! Hope I win! And Godspeed to the Cowboy...reminds me of the lines in the famous poem: "and I have promises to keep...and miles to go before I sleep...and miles to go before I sleep"...apologies to Mr. Frost (I think!) if I don't have that exactly right.

  14. Oh my, even I am anxious now for that man to just get on back home!!!!
    Lovely heart :) thanks for the gift away:)

  15. I would love to see this hanging at my house!! I also would like to know the color of paint you have on the wall? I LOVE IT!
    Are you still counting down the days til the cowboy gets back?
    Happy for you Susan! :D

  16. Your happiness has kept me coming every day to read your post. Your joy is infectious. Happy reunion!

  17. Oh me, me, me please, now that I've found my honeybun.

  18. I would love to call some good love out (or in depending on how you look at it) by hanging your generosity on my bedroom door.

  19. I love to read all about your new love and adventures, thank you for sharing. I would really like to put a picture of my little kitty that just tragically passed away in your heart frame. I think it would be perfect since I know you of all people know how it feels.

  20. I love, love, love hearts...your frame is gorgeous. I would love to be in the Oliver drawing...

    I can FEEL your excitement all the way to Nevada...I am so happy for you.

    Any chance we will get to preview what you are working on for Brighton?

  21. Gosh, I love those long, pointy hearts of yours. Pick me, oh please, pick ME!!! :D


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