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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yesterday afternoon's walk with les sisters and the cowboy in his foggy hayfield

The cowboy's been tightening up drafty cracks and crevices in this old brick house and preparing us for winter which technically does not begin until next Monday December 21. The wood that I originally ordered for this place will now be delivered to the cowboy's house where those brand new 4 cords of fire wood will enter into the 1st stage of 7 stages of (proper) fire wood drying and the already well seasoned and dry wood that over the summer has made it to stage 7 (leisurely and in sun and wind) will be delivered here in small batches, as we need it, dans his pick up truck. Happiest sigh.

We originally planned to have a movie night once a week but since Saturday every night has been movie night. Sunday we drove an hour to pick up a fantastic second hand* sound system, you know the old fashioned gigantic speakers, tuner, amp and CD player to go with the cowboy's turntable and collection of much loved LPs. He instantly hooked it up so that when we watch movies we have super duper stereo surround sound. Shut ! Up ! His first building reno project is to build the big built in cabinet/shelving unit on the big blank wall in our beautiful living room which will hold this fantastic entertainment system (those gigantic seventies speakers, all components, movie collection, CD's, LPs and DVDs, wires and cords etc ... all hidden away magically). Much more happy sighing.

The first two nights we watched Das Boot (the directors cut and 4 hrs 53 mins long) depth charges in surround sound - be still my freakin' heart. The next night an impressionable movie from the cowboy's youth - Elvira Madigan beautifully photographed obsessive love with a soundtrack to die for. Last night an HBO movie and favourite of mine, borrowed from our little village library - Longford and tonight we may watch Babel another on my top 10 list and a movie that the cowboy hasn't seen. And two other movies in the queue for this week - my pick Paris, Texas and his pick The Bad Lieutenant

And tonight we'll have rice vermicelli with spring rolls again for dinner ... sigh, sigh, sigh.

the view from my office window this early morning - a winter wonderland

* kijjiji


  1. Oh Susan! How wonderful it all sounds! So very happy for you and your brood!

  2. You are livin' the life, girl. Merry Christmas! xox Pam

  3. please....for the love of sweet Jaysus will you OPEN you 15 things box!

  4. dear freaking out ... you know the truth is - I'm afraid it's going to make me cry but promise I will open tonight.

  5. Dear Susan,

    Bookmarked your blog a while ago, something must have sparked..
    I read your older posts how you met your cowboy and tearing up when I read your words on all that happened after.
    I am truly happy for you.


  6. Brrrrr, those are COLD pictures! But warm house, warm hearts, what could be nicer?

    If you haven't seen it already, I know that as an Anglophile, you'll just love 'Gosford Park' - should be watched at least twice to grasp all the nuances and the intertwined relationships, and of course to look longingly at Clive Owen looking gorgeous in a vest.....

  7. Wow - I can just picture the sound system!!!! Your movie choices are - fascinating. LOL Enjoy your cowboy, movies, and dinner.

  8. I so love these pictures when clicked on as they are nice adn big and help capture that feeling of the gigantic moors lie space there adn the cold adn the fog all in one. Love it.

    Yes, love those 70's big speaer too but with no wires? now much nicer. As it is, I have my laptop--it is my "TV" or sorts, my cinema/DVD player, and my stereo all in one. That is just as well as I don;t have the other things--not ever a radio or cd player!

    Depth charges in surround sound must be the only way to really enjoy those.


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