a new nest

Thursday, December 17, 2009

For a dog - Miss Winnie Dixon painted for us with love by Ande

from Ande or Miss Chickory my friend from the mysterious lands of Georgia.

3 of 15 things

My 15 things package was absolutely bursting with love and thoughtfulness - which was not at all a surprise to me but somehow tres hard for me to receive, hard to take in. Of late there is so much goodness all around me - covering me like a thick, down filled, flannel duvet and making me feel nothing but love and comfort and gratitude - it still stuns me a little - so, so good, this new nest of goodness.

Soft - an amazing collection of feathers gathered by herself to send to her new friend in far away Nova Scotia and Green a beautiful and perfectly crafted, green patterned garland to decorate our beautiful living room.

Merci Miss Ande
xo S & les Gang

bitter, bitter cold and windchill this morning. A clear pale blue sky and off I go wrapped tightly in down and fleece avec the marching sisters.


  1. So very lovely and lovingly gifted. Your happiness is a wonderful thing Susan, it gives me much hope. Stay safe and warm, and I hope you and cowboy and the rest of the family have a wonderful holiday season. Much love and big hugs, J.

  2. Ande is one of the most talented people I have had the pleasure to meet in Blog World. That pic of Miss D is so charming! And the garland is gorgeous. :) Happy happy! xo Pam

  3. WHOOOHOOOOO. How cute is that picture of Miss Winnie??? And the chicken feathers? Like holding one of her own sweet chicks.
    Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. The Dixon portrait is just adorable. Fantastic work Ms Chickory. And yes...the rest of the 15 things please!


  5. we warmed up by 32 degrees...yep...from -32C to 0 C today... sunny and lovely....

    that little painting looks just like miss Winnie D.

  6. *whew*

    Now i can open MY 15 from alice in paris which i plan to do tonight as i leave the husband and city in my rearview mirror and head back to chickory.

    WHat a pleasure it was to consider each and every gift for you...because this blog is a gift of eye candy each and every day.

    Merry Christmas, friend. xoxox

  7. and thanks to all for the kind comments

  8. how lovely.

    "so, so good, this new nest of goodness."--I love how that sounds.


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