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Saturday, December 26, 2009

the cowboy's beautiful boathouse - a view from our walk in the hayfield avec les sisters

He and I have recently, over the past week or so, come back down and out of the crazed fog of infatuated intensity that we have been living in since that first fateful dog walking date at the end of October. We've hurtled back to earth at a great speed and away from the high as can be clouds of I must breath the same air as you or I can't breath at all that we've been floating around on. And with a sudden thud or two (or three) on impact. The end of perfect and the beginning of reality. What is left when the dust finally settled is a feeling of intense love and gratitude. A love much more frightening than the overwhelmed and breathtaking love I had been feeling for the past two months. Instead a big, giant bursting kind of love and the beginning of a brand new and wonderful life which seems to have totally eclipsed any past life I might have been living. I honestly cannot remember what my life was like without him in it.

oh oh ! ... I must breath the same air as him or I feel I can't breath at all.

We're beginning to clean out our basement here at 29 Black Street today. First steps in the big home and garden restoration renovation of this old brick house.


  1. OMG this post has me laughing AND crying. Thanks for taking your readers along on this journey.

  2. Such a wise observation. You have such a keen insight into your emotions. Where in the world did you learn all that?

  3. Whew, that infatuation phase can be so exhausting (though totally thrilling while in it). Good that you have shifted a bit towards center. Now you two will get some real work done. Enjoy checking in on you every day. 2010 here we come!

  4. "What is left when the dust finally settled is a feeling of intense love and gratitude."

    --That totally took me by surprise. I was expecting somethind more sobering. Beaming smiles your way. Enjoy.


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