the ice

Monday, December 21, 2009

the miniature coyote PB standing on the grassy hill, a favourite spot and scene of the 1st date

The ice in the harbour has arrived early this year ... it usually arrives after Christmas in the new year. Thankfully the temperatures are mild once again and there's rain in the forecast for the next few days. I really hate the bitter cold. The wind so often howls in from the open water and turns our little park at the end of Black Street into a frigid feeling arctic region. Wind chill. When I walk the dogs in the evening that stretch of our walk, even wrapped tightly in down and fleece, becomes almost unbearable and I always think of mountain climbers* or crazy Antarctic explorers (a tres vivid imagination a constant companion of mine) until we make the turn, two streets down, and begin our walk away from the harbour and up the hill toward the schools.

Still ... (or maybe), always very busy here at the teak topped desk of late and I'm finally getting my design groove back on - phew ! Hey ! Look out 2010 with my handsome cowboy cohort by my side the possibilities kinda blow my mind.

* High Crimes - my current bedside book


  1. The PB shot looks very Covillesque. It's cold here too.

    xo, mlou

  2. I don't know how I have the nerve to mention our feeble snow and ice. I really mean about a teacupful. Yours is impressive!!

  3. at least you have a nice view of the cold!

  4. I love the cold...thanks for showing the ice! Today in Colorado it is sunny and warm, warm, warm,....but we still can ice skate YEAH.
    Tail Wags to All.

  5. The cold, the enemy - we've been putting together a shelter for the winter for those on the street who want to come in for the night.

  6. Beautiful photos. Just wanted to stop by in case I did not get a chance and wish you a lovely holiday season and much love.

  7. Yikes..looks freezin!Stay toasty warm
    Benny & Lily

  8. ....breathing a sigh of relief; its just the cold! At first sight i thought it was alot of dead sheep.

  9. Yes, absolutely the possibilities are endless--I can't see what you as a couple do next year!

    you know, one thing I will sort of miss, is that I was rather anticipating and wondering where you would move to, how you would make it a home again, somewhere a lot smaller, how you would relect on it but now, it seems like you will stay put which of course I am thrilled for you though.

    This is some incredible adventure itself and it gives me hope that lvoe can come round again.


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