Sunday, May 24, 2009

forget-me-nots picked from our gardens yesterday

to flit

verb (used without object)

to move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along:
bees flitting from flower to flower.

Well I'm not sure about the lightly or the swiftly or even the skimming but there was most definitely much darting. Darting about the yard and garden, in the back door and out the front door and around the side. I normally call it puttering but yesterday was definitely a day of mad scattered flitting. It's terrible - Focus and I have never been the best of pals and put me outside in our expanse of yard and garden and Focus just throws in the towel and leaves to go get an ice cream and sit awhile in the park leaving me to my Oh let's begin half a dozen little jobs all at the same time routine - I'll leave a trail of tools behind me as I go (instead of breadcrumbs) and hopefully will eventually find my way back to them. I'll totally trash a few areas in my path so that by 3pm, when Mama's fading and needs a coffee break (urgently) I'll look around, sigh and think Oh my ! How did this big mess happen ? I'll take a deep breath, have that much needed cup of coffee and begin chipping away at my mess and finish up a few of those projects. I am always totally amazed at how easily I become distracted and diverted when I'm outside. Oh who am I kidding - I'm like that inside as well.

And ... how hard can it be to put together the 6 piece tubular metal frame for les Hammock ? - tres hard it turns out. Instructions for this cheap (you get what you pay for) hammock in a metal frame unit initially were so easy, so simple that they were quickly discarded that first season. I put it together twice yesterday with both Winnie Dixon and Bleet advising from the sidelines. Each time I finished putting it together I laid down on the hammock to test it. Both times my body lie prone in quite a severe v-shape. Hmmmmm- this can't be right. After two attempts I took it apart, put it back in the shed and made a mental note to ponder the hammock's construction awhile more before making assemblage attempt No. 3. Sigh.

My new best friend is a 12 year old boy. A boy who works really hard, keeps me company, keeps me focused and asks lots of thought provoking questions about nature, gardening and birds while we work. He brought a new helper friend over Friday night named Jeff. Jeff looked around the yard and looked up at me and said You must really like flowers ? My new friend and yard boy Ajay looked at me knowingly and then back at Jeff and said matter-of-factly She's an artist.
How cute is that ?

Rain in the forecast. Great Sunday CBC radio. Teak toppin' it today - all day.


  1. That was very cute! I know what you mean about getting distracted.
    I start to do one thing see another , then another and sometimes the thing I started out to do is left undone!
    Oh well, life is good anyway!
    Have a great day Susan!

  2. I'm still smiling, Susan. Cute, yes...sometimes young people cut so quickly to the heart of the matter. I'm enchanted by your photos...tiny delicate light beauty! <3

  3. I think that old saying about being closest to God in a garden DEFINITELY applies here. I know my spirit would feel absolutely rejuvenated! Hope today is comforting and productive! It's gettin' hot down here in Texas!


  4. I love this post, Susan.

  5. I have a serious crush on Ajay. :) Ajay's voice saying, "She's an artist" will be with me all day.

    How can you not smile when you think of that? :)

  6. That first paragraph describes me so exactly it hurts.....

    And Ajay sounds like one of life's treasures.

  7. Those yard boys sound so cute! Im sure the solution to hammock assembly will come to you in your sleep or in the middle of drawing a thumbnail sketch.

  8. Me too!!! I think you have someone following me around and taking notes. Especially the line, "Where did all this mess come from?" All I did was start to clean a little area or a stack of things on the desk or a vanity top or a stack of clothes, and out of nowhere a huge overwhelming mess of a pile appears. Then I say, "Well I will start fresh tomorrow. I will then create another mess. Is there hope for the DIS -tacted, DIS -organized, and I don-t want to think of any more words....? Yes, I believe so...we just haven't found it yet. Look up..watch..and I will call you when I find it. There are so many of us...there must be a Grande PURPOSE! In the meantime, eat plenty of ice cream, pet a lot of furry heads, and drink plenty of coffee.

  9. I'd forgotten how much I love forget-me-nots! I had wonderful luck growing them one year, and have never had them since. I'll have to make a note of it. :)

  10. Love this post. Love all of your posts. And those forget me nots are beautiful!!

    Love you tonnes! xo

    P.S.- I am starting a new "art" post that will occur every Tuesday. Would love it and be honored if you would join me! CHeck out today's post for more info.

  11. Cute? Very!! you lil angel boy stories are adorable.

  12. and we are oh so glad you like flowers!


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