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Saturday, May 16, 2009

miss w. dixon in the park yesterday morning

hey ! there's a ship stuck in the harbour. Let's go check it out Miss D.

The park at the end of Black Street is about 50 steps from our front door, it's the big green space that runs along the edge of our little harbour. It's filled with mature shade trees, picnic tables and benches and the just opened for the season ice cream parlour is across the street. It's the most perfect place to sit on the grass with your best loved girl and watch the big ships come and go, the absolute best spot to rub and roll and grind your shaggy black body into green, green grass that smells of summer days or to watch the sun set each evening over the outer harbour and open water. We have a perfect view of this park and of the harbour from our second floor windows. Les office/studio and the Teak Topped Desk. This time of year when all of our windows are wide open, we hear the ships arriving much before we ever see them ... before they glide by our windows so close it feels like we could touch them.

Miss D's leg is slowly getting better. The lengths of our walks unfortunately have been severely curtailed. I'm so careful that she doesn't over do it - as dogs are so want to do. She needs a little help from me climbing the stairs but she's already putting a little weight on that foot and that's a very good sign.

The ship managed to float away on the highest tide later yesterday afternoon.

standing on the street in front of 29 Black Street - see the ship ?

come on Missy D ...


  1. How lucky are you that Winnie just rolls on grass. Obviously a lady. Every dog that I've ever owned liked something truly revolting to roll in - dead seagull, bird droppings, unidentifiably rotten stuff, dog poo, and so on - the stinkier the better.

  2. Miss D is having a wonderful time...what a pretty day...and an adventure, too, watching the ship break free! <3

  3. That good news about the boat. Thanks for the Toto time traveling...I am afraid to admit that the my circa 1984 glasses looked just like the scuba mask sized pair the drummer is sporting. Remember those?

  4. Thank you for sharing different views of your wonderful No. 29Black Street. So delightful Susan. I really felt like I wandered along there with you and Miss Winnie D. Glad she is feeling better.xx

  5. But why is the ship stuck in the harbor?

  6. what the hey! You could have waded out there and knocked on the hull to ask for tea!
    When you said it was in the harbour...I just thought you meant you could see it way out there...not, like, it was about to sail up Black Street! How the heck did he end up there? Somebody must have been asleep at the helm....

  7. I think Miss Winnie is the most beautiful dog in all of Canada!!! her sweet face just lights up my study here at home! I am so glad she is improving, albeit slowly. She looks so happy rolling in that grass....I could join the two of you for a nice picnic lunch at noon one day....
    It is pouring rain here in Dallas this A.M. and we are up to our eyeballs in Saturday chores!


  8. the channel is tres narrow ...
    I suspect it was a combination of a very heavy load, poor steering and not a high enough tide and "she" ran slightly aground.

    Please refer to this post, scroll down to 4th photo for better harbour-park-29 Black Street orientation


    and ps. maybe if we ask B. Vee nicely she'll teach us all how to add a link (properly) to a comment as I see she does it "all" the time.

  9. Miss D says "merci pour les compliments" Miss Vicki in Dallas and her Mama concurs totally !!!

  10. Good afternoon, sweet Susan! Sooooooooooooooo love the photos! Awwwww!! Maybe Brendel and I can join you for a walk some day! =) tee hee

    And wow, I have not heard that song in SO long. I think I am officially getting old! haha

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  11. Susan - I have to send you a picture of our old girl, Frisket. She could definitely be a relative of Winnie's. :) That ship was in your front yard! What an amazing little neighborhood you live in. :)

  12. oh to be a happy dog happily rolling in the green green grass!! so glad her leg is healing. thanks for the photo of the ship stuck in the harbor. i was quite curious about that!!

  13. yay winnie! she looks like she is having a ball and you are enjoying the harbour. im glad shes getting better. its funny in that one photo it looks like the ship is driving down the street.

  14. Glad she's feeling better! Her collar is adorable.

  15. Oh, look at her! She's such a lovely girl, Susan! And a smile! It must be her fetching collar. I'm so very glad she's healing nicely. Edward sends his very best her way! His long distance crush.


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