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Friday, May 22, 2009

a few new perspectives

You change your life
by changing your heart


Uh Huh. Sounds pretty simple.

For the next 30 days I've decided to, in each & every teeny tiny or monstrously large situation, event or issue to - assume the best. 'Tis my new motto. Every time I feel that Fear & Dread are sneaking up on me I will quickly flash them the hand and repeat to myself.

assume the best

For 30 days ... what have I got to lose ?

I'm off to school again this morning to hang with teenagers. Another two yard guys (the fifteen year old boys) are back as a separate team so I now have 4, count em, FOUR yard guys. Hooray ! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, very warm and very windy. I love warm wind. I opened all the windows, freshly washed sheets and pillowcases flapped on the line, the leaves which are just out, rustled in the wind and Miss D and I went down into the park in the early evening where we both lay in the thick green grass next to our sparkling harbour,
we let the sunshine beat down on us and we stared up at a blue, blue sky and we spoke to our big red dog who's up there somewhere and always with us there on the grass. We tell him how much we love him, how we miss him and oh how we wish he could stay awhile.


  1. The park looks beautiful. Glad you and Dixon are getting your vitamin D.

  2. What a lovely day. Thanks for sharing the tulips from Dixie's point of view...I charish the perspective and the rich color...stunning.
    Love your new 'accent the positive' motto! <3

  3. Of a happy spring your pictures speak - beautiful! :-)

    May it turn out that only the best of everything is waiting out there for you!

  4. Thats a good plan...I rootin for ya. Harder to change a habit then to fall back into it. Go Susan Go Susan...Question what is a yard boy?

    Sonia ;)

  5. Good for you! You needed a day like yesterday to blow away the blues! Expecting the best is habit-forming. So many times the BEST is exactly what you will receive! We all know it is exactly what you deserve. Love and kisses to you and Miss D and Oliver and the rest of the clan. And what about that plumber?


  6. That is some field of dandelions. Some people see weeds....some people see salad.
    Did the big ship get unstuck?

  7. The warm, windy day sounds lovely. I like that too. Ms. Dixon has a nice point of view, doesn't she? (It's a good thing she doesn't have allergies, though... she's a lot closer to nature than we are).

  8. Good morning, sweet sweet Susan. SO love your blog post this morning. Funny, how we are thinking along the same paths of things. (see my post today).

    I really like this line of yours --> "You change your life by changing your heart" AWESOME!

    If you don't mind, I think I will do the 30 day thing with you!!

    Love you tonnes!! xo Hugs to you and the fuzzy gang!

  9. YOU GO GIRL !!!!

    However....your pretty neat just the way you are!!

  10. bravo! i say after 30 days do another 30 days :)

  11. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful attitude! :) I will try it, too. Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. I like this motto: assume the best. I think I shall join this along with you. And as for your dog, I wanted to cry. I have a memorial garden outside for my Pepper, who died three years ago. I custom-ordered a dog-shaped steel memorial piece of art that has stakes and inside the steel is the cut-out words: Pepper's Garden. My grown daughters live in Tulsa and this artist has a gallery there. Might check it out: www.gardendeva.com

  13. Your tulips are so pretty, and it sounds like everything about 29 Black Street is wonderful...open windows, laundry on the line, warm wind, a new contract, a green grass place to lie in the sun, Miss Winnie, Oliver and Company, good friends, help in the yard, talents abouunding, water in view, a library. an ice cream parlor, small town places to walk, a beautiful blue harbor, ships in your yard, a chocolate brown guest room, a down and feather nest, a wonderful scented bath, wide window sills, flowers blooming, a teak topped desk, books everywhere, a MLou, and.........well, I will pause here. I hope you are having a good sleep there. It is 9:29 pm here, so I know you are bedded down with the furry ones in your down nest. So.....I will talk to you later...

  14. Oh yes, how can you not assume the best when you share your life with that sweet faced dog!?

    Edward sends his regards her way!


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