red tulips

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

where the birds are - a path of red in our back forest

Hey ! you were warned. This is the season where everywhere I look around this yard and garden something is brilliant and the light is often amazing.

I begin my very part time job this morning at BFF Harry's small gift and decor store, throughout the summer I'll work 1 or 2 days a week and make a lovely little sum of pocket money. Actually I'll make more than enough to pay for my recently acquired and much appreciated extended health care insurance. In Canada every citizen is covered by our national health plan Medicare (crazy socialists that we are) which covers pretty much all of our basic health needs, the plan that I recently signed up for extends that basic coverage giving me some extra protection, plus peace of mind and I've added long term disability insurance as well ... just in case - I am after all a single self-employed person (with four dependents - wink). If Mama couldn't work ... well we'd be in some trouble.

It likely will be slow dans les gift shop today as the summer season is not yet in full swing in our little Cape Cod of the North village so I've decided to take a huge and cumbersome paper work project that is dying to be completed and much long overdo so that I can while away the time in between customers doing a nasty job that otherwise doesn't seem like it will ever be done. All the while listening to my fav CBC shows. Hope you have yourself a perfect Wednesday.

I'm just off to the lands of Blue Skies and bubbles.
And Hey ! magically - no more leaking ceiling. Merci Universe !

Q with host Jian Ghomeshi is one of those favourite shows. Jian had Brooklyn band the National on Q live the other day. Love them, LOVE his voice and love this song ... plus the video for another favourite - Fake Empire (a song Obama used during his election campaign - cool tidbit).


  1. That sounds like the perfect job! Have a great day and keep those flower pics coming! :)

  2. Love the tulips on my desk every morning! this little job of yours should keep your spirits up...I always think interaction with other folks beats back the doldrums in a very good way! Love to you ALL!


  3. Love the red tulips against the green wooded background! Job sounds great!!

  4. Good morning, you crazy socialist! I'm happy to hear about your ceiling. Could you please send that benevolent Universe here to fix my broken garbage disposal?

  5. Your tulips shots are just luminous! Your new job sounds delightful. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Happy Hump Day my sweet friend! Oh those tulips can brighten any soul!

  7. Congrats on that part-time job-
    I love Canada.....

  8. So many people here in the US without any health coverage at all. So sad. At least we finally have a president I'm not ashamed of. But a war that wastes our money, while people go without food and medicine here. My husband is a psychiatrist at a state mental hospital. A dumping ground. That's another thing the US could work on, getting rid of the stupid stigma of mental health. Sigh...

  9. Good afternoon, sweet sweet Susan. LOVING your flowers pics, as always! Can't wait to hear about your day at BFF Harry's small gift and decor store!!

    Thinking of you!

    **hugs** xo

  10. Such red loveliness, still a bit gray and drab here, glad things are good for you.

  11. You need to tell us more about your time at the gift shop. how goes it?


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