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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have No Mercy !! -chocolate peanut butter love

With homemade (kinda) chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla love ice cream.

I did something crazy yesterday - something I'd been thinking about doing for weeks. I've been waiting and watching our grocery store sale flyer, waiting for the premium ice cream to be on special again (it's on special every few weeks and Mama sure does love to save a couple of bucks). So home I came with my tub of Cookies and Cream (they were out of French Vanilla, but oh well I thought, C & C is my second favourite flavour - tastes just like real cream, real vanilla and pieces of Oreo cookies). I let the ice cream soften awhile on the kitchen counter and then added 9 (count em) 9 chopped up Reese's peanut butter cups stirred in gently. I then softened 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter in the microwave and added that in blobs, letting each blob cool and solidify before stirring it into the ice cream. Once this beautiful concoction of mine was well blended I scooped it back into the container and placed it into the far regions of my freezer to firm up again. Sigh.

There it is !! the top of the cake completely covered in Reese's peanut butter cups

Yesterday afternoon Harry stopped by to deliver a slab of his Have No Mercy! C & PB cake pour moi. Uh Huh Uh Huh !! Friday in this little village our annual & pretty darn famous cake auction took place at the village bank. A fundraiser for our summer Harbour Fest FĂȘte. Celebrities abounded, the place was totally packed and 60 cakes in total were auctioned off and nearly $20,000.00 was raised - I know it's crazy ! they bid like fools on these made-with-love wares. Harry's contribution to the auction, he who is famous in these parts for being very much a fantastic gourmet cook & baker, was a four layer towering monster of chocolate and peanut butter love that we dubbed the Have ! No ! Mercy ! cake - Mama designed the tag. He, being the smart guy that he is, made two cakes, a second two layer version for all the sous chefs, tag makers and assorted hanger-ons to enjoy later. Merci !

I'm wondering how I could make this count for my Dim Sum Sunday contribution - the theme this week is South of the Border - Maybe I could make a slight change - to North of the Border (subtitled those Crazy Canucks they always do whatever they want anyway). Que Cake & Ice Cream Passa ?

and lastly ... 'tis the perfect place for my best loved and tres often spoken quote

Deny thyself nothing
L. Meagher

Les cakes - ya gotta have a lobster cake in these parts. Yum ???


  1. Oh, wow! Oh, wow, wow, wow! The cakes look almost too good to eat.

  2. You are a girl after my own heart. That looks awesome! Now I'm hungry. Do you think 7:30 AM is too early for ice cream? (ha-ha)

  3. Tempting treats, Susan! Thanks for sharing your own creation too. You left out the part where you tell us about your taste experience. What a quaint and fun village activity!<3

  4. love the quote!! both the ice cream and the cake sound enormously delish!!!!!


  6. So much decadence in one post! I think you may have invented a competitor for Ben & Jerry's with your ice cream concoction! Have you invented a name for it?
    The cakes are beautiful... sounds like an extremely successful fund raiser.
    I have only one word for this post... YUM!

  7. That was a cruel thing you did, Susan, showing us those cakes, and the ice cream. Cruel..... I have put on three pounds just from peeking at the photographs.

  8. there..... ran laps around the office chair...am doing jumping jacks as I read ...definitely not gaining any unwanted "ellbees" as I read this one.

    Wow, Harry..... what a triumph.... and what a huge amount the village raises....

  9. I could certainly use some of that nice cold ice cream right about now with my poor tongue on fire from Frida's sauce.
    I also say Bravo to raising a heck of a lot of money for that cake collection. A job lusciously well done.

  10. and oh ya !
    B. Shamu the Nessie Ness, the Bleet, our "black" velvet chiclet is not true black he too is the darkest chocolate brown nearly, almost black -cat.

  11. AHHHHhahahahhahahahahhahah!

    OK, you got me.


  12. Oh my, I went straight to the freezer and took out my ice cream, Pralines and Cream, and then I topped it with that chocolate sauce that gets hard, and I'd already brushed my teeth!

  13. Hi, Susan! I know another field for you to go into: photographing food for magazines! I wish you had a book with your blog entries, pictures, answers to comments, etc. There has to be a way to "get more of you out there." I loved the ice cream recipe. When you do food, you do it right.

    Please look at your previous blog post comments to see my answer to the financial crisis.

  14. I am licking my computer screen.

  15. That cake looked great next to the others in the sale. So how much money did it fetch? Oh, and chocolate is a Mexican ingredient, so I think it qualifies for Dim Sum Sunday.

  16. Yum!!

    Thank you for the kind words...

  17. Scheesh. I gained five pounds just reading this!!

  18. Oh gosh, that remade ice cream sounds incredible. I would love it, I know. And the sign is adorable too..how lovely of you to make that. I so want some of that cake and your ice cream too. the photo alone makes my mouth water.


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