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Thursday, November 5, 2009

more early morning beauty

I am just flying - at top speed. Racing through my life at the moment. So much going on here at the TTD* all good, all wonderful and with an endless stream of new and exciting projects queuing up to be tackled next. Busy = happy, busy= secure.

little coyote Piper Belle is a petite dream dog. Loyal, sweet, gentle and comes when she's called. Hello ! Miss D, I can tell, loves her, she's much more relaxed, less nervous 'cause she's got a buddy. We've been spending some time, each late afternoon, the three of us walking through golden hay fields with a man and his chocolate brown hound. Piper flies and leaps through the sea of gold like some strange wiry african antelope with Bess the 4 month old chocolate puppy in hot pursuit. My lady Dee, still a little cautious and unsure of this new routine (much like her Mama) prefers to walk beside me. Beside me and the cowboy, the man with the tall moustache who loves dogs as much a I do.


  1. Should I read between the lines here? Do tell!

  2. Puppies? Did someone say Puppies?

  3. hmmm ...the designer and the cowboy........

  4. A 4 month old puppy named Bess who is totally psycho "but" as it turns out Miss Piper Belle seems to know just how to wear psycho puppies out completely and teach Bess a few doggie manners at the same time.

    and yes I am smiling too.

  5. and BVee ... actually he's a retired history professor - he just looks a lot like a cowboy

  6. And just what is a tall moustache? perhaps we need you to post a sketch.....

  7. Sounds fun with all the dogs getting together. And even more fun when there's someone to share the fun with. Big smiles! ;))


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