cowboy 3

Monday, November 9, 2009

the cowboy and the dogs, Missy D, Piper Belle and the brown hound Bess

oh you set up your place in my thoughts
moved in and made my thinking crowded
now we're out in the back with the barking dogs
my heart the red sun
your heart the moon clouded

i could go crazy on a night like tonight
when summer's beginning to give up her fight
and every thought's a possibility
and the voices are heard but nothing is seen
why do you spend this time with me
maybe an equal mystery

Indigo Girls - Mystery

Every afternoon just before 3pm Miss D, Piper Belle and I pile into the teal coloured 97 Escort Wagon and drive the short drive across the bridge to the cowboys house. He lives in a beautiful turn of the century farmhouse which he has completely restored. We all tumble out of the car to big smiles and the happy squirming of a brown velvet puppy and then we walk in the wide fields of brown and gold behind his house. Miss D walks perfectly, off leash, by my side while Piper and Bess zoom and tumble, roar and leap, gnash and yip. I walk with Dee and beside the cowboy.

When we finish our walk I sit in his kitchen in the rocking chair. He adds wood to the fire, makes me tea and he has an afternoon beer. Piper and Bess continue to gnash and snort and play like the crazed young dogs that they are in tumbling circles around his open kitchen and Miss Dee sits by my side staring at the cowboy. Staring at him with affection in her eyes, willing him to speak to her, asking him with her eyes if he wouldn't like to scratch under her neck ... she's flirts with him and I think she might be falling in love.


  1. so thrilled to see these photos, susan! i also am looking forward with more anticipation than ever to reading your blog each morning. i think getting piper belle may have been the start of something (s) good in your life!!

  2. This is so beautiful... both your photos, and the images you paint with your words. Sitting in the rocking chair by the fire, with a special someone making you tea... perfect.
    I love seeing the dogs romp and run. They look so happy.

  3. I love your photos! They made me smile from my toes to my nose! And your words are the icing. Thank you!

  4. So it's Miss D who might be falling in love????? Ha!

  5. I always trust my dog's opinions.
    Such happy pictures, both photographed and written!!

  6. looks like a fun time was being had by all....

  7. B Shamu his pony was grazing in the gravel driveway - a black 1998 Ford Ranger (tres basic) pick up truck with 360,000 kms on it.

  8. Well I sure can't feed a carrot to that.

  9. Oh, Susan, Susan, Susan!!!!! I hold my breath each morning for the day's new offering! I dare say I am giddy, going on this ride with you!


  10. When we finish our walk I sit in his kitchen in the rocking chair. He adds wood to the fire, makes me tea and he has an afternoon beer

    This sounds simply wonderful!

  11. Hi Susan! Just been catching up on the last 10 days or so of your life while I was away in Australia. What a novel! Happy Hugs.

  12. OMG your doggie is in love with your cowboy. I'm in tears.

  13. Wow, gosh my heart is pounding here. Love it--especially this part:

    "He adds wood to the fire, makes me tea and he has an afternoon beer."
    --Good man indeed! :) And your dogs are happy too, to boot. Awwww.


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