Wednesday, October 17, 2012

January from my 2013 Botanica Calendar - available November 01 (if not sooner) - Susan Black

Currently on my desk, the teak topped desk & creative empire head quarters. I'm late with my calendars again this year. I meant to have them ready for sale September 01, at the very least October 01 but here we are - better late than never. This 2013 Botanica calendar will be my tribute to my beloved Cavallini wall calendars. 11x17 high quality colour laser copies on heavy text weight, mat, off white paper. 12 of my botanical collages suitable for framing when the year is done.

I'm also working on a brand new Lil' Owl calendar (also available for sale Nov 01), a special typographic collage paper products line with UK company the Paintbox, a business card design plus getting ready for a whirlwind trip to the city this weekend to stay at my favourite spa (I mean MLou's). Oh Boy !!! I can hardly wait. Meeting up @ Starbucks (there's a frappuccino with my name on it) with new friends Anna Stowe & Sybil too - so nice !


  1. next is the downloadable wallpaper calendar. Love you cavallini tribute. send a sample to that big fish. I am following your summer advice. Hannah Queen is taking photos at chickory, and then I am making a catalog about me and my products. hi! I wanna work with you. see what a huge big wonderful influence you are? thank you friend.

  2. Excellent my friend. Excellenté
    Those are some lucky big fish ! Rock On YOU ! xo s + gang

  3. Beautiful.
    As beautiful as Cavallini ever was.

  4. oh my, & coming from you Pamela ... a very lovely compliment indeed.

  5. put me down for a copy! can't wait to have a new art piece to enjoy each month!


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