the next darn thing

Monday, October 15, 2012

maple / geranium / nasturtium / double impatience / yellow beech leaves / pink impatience / lobelia / maple

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.
Henry David Thoreau

I try, very hard, to have no regrets in my life.
To stop myself apres from analyzing and reanalyzing the shit out of something.
I know I am not impulsive, in fact I would say if anything I'm more often too restrained.
I try always to do my best, to be kind and polite. I try always to do the right thing.
To do the thing that I know in my heart & soul and with all my being is the right thing.
No matter if it makes me feel uncomfortable, uneasy, nervous and sometimes afraid.
I try to learn from these experiences, to better future decisions, actions & choices
& then I try and let go of all of it and move on 'cause Hey look, there, up ahead in the distance
Oh Boy ! sure enough, you can count on it ...

here comes the next darn thing


  1. I see your photos today are all about color, brightness, and light.

    I think that yellow tree is a beech.

  2. Oui mon ami - much needed (& soothing) colour, brighness & light. Merci for the beech identification. ps. I see you're reading Rohinton's "A Fine Balance" - I look forward to your review ;-)

  3. I love, love, love your words today! I feel like I should be clapping enthusiastically!

  4. I am always amazed that in your busy, creative life, you find the time to create insightful posts almost every day.

    You're my hero (said like that guy in "Ferris Bueller ...")


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