this morning

Monday, October 1, 2012

a perfect puddle / crow / Missy D on the beach / the crescent beach / annual dahlias / home stretch / our harbour / starling with cloud / pink blossoms / low tide / my best girl D


  1. nice trick w. number one, missy - a little "photoshop-less photoshop", eh? you sneaky ol' graphic designer, you. and crows! it just gets better and better. sorry i've been remiss about keeping in touch lately - crazy summer! back in BW again, and looking forward to what passes for "settling in" with us! can't wait to talk book! xo n

  2. Such a beautiful photo of Missy D.

  3. The photo of the reflected gatehouse is awesome. Way yo go Susan! Woot.

  4. Susan,
    The perfect puddle photograph is outstanding - I said "WOW" out loud.
    Kitty, USA

  5. I love Perfect Puddle - very dreamy!
    the house looks so much like the one I rented in Pugwash in the 90's, is it? Do you remember the one?

  6. Oh I love that reflection. It puzzled me at first. Why are there pebbles in the sky ?

  7. Hello Sweet Marie it's actually the tiny gatehouse, servants quarters on the Thinker's Lodge estate at the bottom of King and overlooking the harbour - but I do remember the house you rented near the elementary school

  8. Hi, I have just recently subscribed to your blog. I am a BC'er transplanted in southern Japan, and I just LOVE your photos of where you live. It is such a beautiful place and needs to be shared with the world! I am feeling inspired to get out a camera and go out to shoot some fall images.
    And I love your dog, too!
    It is so nice to read about your life and art. You are a wonderful, inspiring writer...
    Alison Miyake

  9. Susan, I'd love to have a copy of that first one, it took my breath completely away. Should I email you about it? Or is it available on Etsy?

  10. good morning, dear Susan!
    the reflection photo is amazing on many levels and really _must_ be made available in your shop. The transparency and color... the clarity, the stones that are both in the water and the sky... it is an amazing shot.

    much love from Gracie and me!


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